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HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer Series - Troubleshooting a failure with the Take-Up Reel (TUR)

Use this section to troubleshoot failures with the Take-Up Reel.

Take-Up Reel LED status information

LED status
Print job interrupted
Possible cause
Print job interrupted?
Blinking quickly
Take-Up Reel not winding
Sensor beam blocked for more than 3 seconds
Ensure the Take-Up Reel sensors are not blocked by a strip of paper, the collection bin or other objects.
Also ensure the Take-Up Reel power switch is in the On position.
Blinking slowly
Take-Up Reel not winding
The sensor cables are loose or unplugged
Ensure the sensor cables are correctly connected.
Solid red
Take-Up Reel not winding
There is too much resistance on the Take-Up Reel motor
ENSURE THAT THE TUR Spindle Lever is CLOSED! Ensure the paper is not winding too tightly. A loop-shaping core should be inserted and hanging down.
Solid green
Take-Up Reel not winding
The Take-Up Reel power switch is in the Off position
Ensure the Take-Up Reel power switch is in the On position.
Solid green
Take-Up Reel winding in the wrong direction, and not stopping the job.
The Take-Up Reel wind direction switch is in the wrong winding position. After 3 seconds, the printer will recognize the problem and interrupt the print job. In this case, see the first error listed in this table.
Flip the Take-Up Reel wind-direction switch to the correct position.
If the LED is flashing but there is no message on the front panel, restart the printer.

Checking the Take-Up Reel is correctly installed

Many system error codes are displayed as a result of the Take-Up Reel not being installed correctly or because parts have moved or become dislodged from their correct positions. This troubleshooting procedure checks the mechanical installation of the Take-Up Reel.
  1. Check that the Take-Up Reel sensor unit is correctly installed on the right foot.
  2. To correctly install the foot, the wheel has to be positioned as shown.
  3. Check the cables linking the sensors to the Take-Up Reel Motor Assembly are correctly connected.
  4. Check that the Take-Up Reel motor assembly is correctly connected to the rear of the printer.

How the Take-Up Reel works

When selecting the front panel's Paper menu, if there is no line Take-Up Reel installed, this indicates that the Take-Up Reel has not been enabled at the front panel. This does not mean that the Take-Up Reel will not work; it just means that, if there is a paper jam detected by the Take-Up Reel, there will be no warning system error displayed on the front panel. The printer will not stop.

How to install the Take-Up Reel

From the Paper menu > Take-Up Reel > Enable Take-Up Reel. After this is done, you will notice the following differences:
  • In case of Take-Up Reel Paper jam system error, a warning is reported on the front panel, and the printer pauses.
  • The cutter is disabled between jobs.
  • When unloading the paper, the front panel will ask you to cut the paper manually.

How it works

When the bottom of the 'loop shaper' is low enough and it cuts the signal between the two sensors, the Take-Up Reel starts to move the motor until the signal between the two sensors is passing through again.
If, after a few seconds of turning the Take-Up Reel, the signal between two sensors is still cut, the Take-Up Reel reports a 'Take-Up Reel paper jam' error:
  • In all cases, the LED of the Take-Up Reel is blinking quickly.
  • If the Take-Up Reel is enabled at the front panel, a Take-Up Reel paper jam will be displayed.