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HP All-in-Ones - How to Clean the Scanner Glass


This document shows how to clean the scanner glass internal surface of some HP All-in-One products. A dirty or blurry scanner glass may cause a deficient scanning and copy quality.


Read carefully the following list before following any of the instructions contained in this document:
  1. If your HP All-in-One product is still within the HP warranty period, please contact HP to return the unit for service.
  2. To dismantle the scanner glass of an HP All-in-One product which is still under warranty will cause the warranty to be void.
  3. Please make sure the cleaning is performed in an enclosed environment, and away from any dust source.
  4. The instructions contained in this document are only intended for glass cleaning. Any further manipulation on scanner itself may cause unpredictable results.

Tools needed for cleaning the glass

  1. One screwdriver provided with a T10 screw bit.
  2. One small screwdriver provided with a standard bit.
  3. One clean cloth. It is highly recommended a lint-free cloth, as it will not leave any fiber on the glass.
  4. One Scotch tape (wider than 19 mm. [0.75 inch.]).
  5. Distilled water, only in case the dirt or haze is not easily removable.

Cleaning procedure

The following procedure is based on the HP PSC 2400 Series model, however the document will highlight the differences between models when needed. Each step of the cleaning procedure is accompanied by a corresponding picture below it for reference.
Make sure that the unit is disconnected from the electrical source before starting the cleaning procedure.
  1. Open the scanner lid. For the PSC 2350, 2400 and 2500 Series, please look for a small tab located at the back edge of the unit.
    1. Scanner lid opened
    2. Small tab location (only PSC 2350, 2400 & 2500 Series)
  2. Please, choose the appropriate step below depending on your model:
    • For the PSC 2350, 2400 and 2500 Series, use your index finger to gently pull the tab towards you while using your other hand to pull the lid vertically up, and remove it from the unit.
      Pulling the tap using one finger
      Removing the scanner lid
    • For the PSC 2100, 2170 and 2200 Series, just use one hand to pull the scanner lid up and remove it from the unit.
  3. Insert the small screwdriver into the gap between the control panel cover and the unit as shown in the picture below. Then, lift the corner of the control panel cover up.
  4. Use one single hand to lift up the control panel cover and remove it from the unit slowly.
  5. Insert the small screwdriver into the center hole located at the bottom of the control panel.
  6. Push the screwdriver vertically down and then tilt it towards yourself. If the control panel does not move, push down slightly harder and hold it while tilting it towards yourself.
    1. Pushing down the screwdriver
    2. Tilting the screwdriver
  7. Use one single hand to hold the control panel and slide it towards yourself in order to disengage it from the lock underneath.
  8. There will be either one or two data cables connected to the control panel depending on your model. Disconnect these cables and remove the control panel from the unit.
    One single cable model
    Two cables model
  9. Depending on the unit model, there will be either three or five screws surrounding the scanner glass. Use the T10 bit screwdriver to remove them.
  10. Gently release the data cables from the underneath of the tabs to avoid any damage of the cables.
    1. Two data cables model
    2. One data cable model
  11. Please, choose the appropriate step below depending on your model:
    • For the PSC 2350, 2400, and 2500 Series models, lift the glass cover up avoiding any damage of the data cables. Rest the top cover at the back of the unit and release the cables from the glass cover. Then, remove the glass bezel from unit completely.
    • For the PSC 2100, 2170 and 2200 Series models, as there are two snaps at the front of the unit, use both hands to slightly lift the back of glass cover up and then, rotate the cover counter-clockwise slightly to disengage the snaps. The cover will not be completely disengaged until a "click" sound can be heard. Then, release the cable from the glass cover and remove the latest from the unit.
      Lifting the cover up
      Disengaging the snaps
  12. Use a piece of scotch tape (19 to 30 mm. [0.75 to 1.18 inch.] width) to cover the opening of the scanner so no humidity or foreign material can penetrate inside it.
    1. Area covered by the scotch tape piece
  13. Flip over the glass cover. It is now when the internal surface of the glass can be easily cleaned.
    Use the cloth to remove the dirt or haze from the scanner glass internal surface. If the dirt or haze cannot be easily removed, distilled water should be used for help.
    The amount of distilled water should be just enough to clean the dirt because too much water might leave traces on the glass after it gets dry. A dry cloth should be used to wipe the scanner glass surface off.
    Do not leave the water dry out itself.
  14. There is a black-and-white strip under the glass. Please make sure the glass area over this strip is completely free of dust and haze by cleaning it using the cloth and, if necessary, distilled water; otherwise it will leave a streak on every image scanning.
  15. The cleaning process is complete now. Please follow the reverse procedure to return the HP All-in-One product to its original status.