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HP Designjet Printers - Verifying Communication in the UNIX (R) Environment

Unable to produce printed output with the drivers provided by UNIX vendors or by application vendors
Use the following procedure to send an HPGL file from the UNIX workstation to the HP DesignJet printer.
This is similar to the "echo" statement used in DOS to prove functionality of a printer.
  1. Create an HPGL file by typing at the shell prompt:
    ECHO "IN;SP1;PD4000,4000;SP0;PG;" > myfile
    ECHO is the UNIX command (there is a space between ECHO and ")
    "IN;SP1;PD4000,4000;SP0;PG;" is the HPGL file that will draw a diagonal line. It must be in quotes.
    > represents the director
    myfile is the filename of the HPGL file that you have created.
  2. After building the HPGL file, type the following:
    lp -dprintername myfile
    lp is the UNIX command.
    -d denotes that the name following it is the destination of the file being sent.
    printername is the name of the HP DesignJet printer. There should be no space between the -d and the printer name.
    myfile is the filename of the file that contains the HPGL statement.
The lp -d command will send the file "myfile" to the printer named "printername".
For operating systems other than HP-UX, some variation of the above may need to be used to accomplish the same proof of functionality.