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HP Inkjet Cartridges and Printheads - HP 14 Cartridges and Printheads Specifications


The HP 14 smart cartridges and printheads are designed to provide business customers with fast, affordable, everyday color printing on any media - no waiting, no compromises. This system includes a single chamber black and tri-color cartridge, and four separate .5 inch printheads. It utilizes specially formulated color inks and three separate color printheads to produce brilliant smear and fade resistant color output. The HP 14 ink cartridges and printheads are part of the HP Smart Print Supplies Family. They are designed to work with the printer to monitor ink levels and printhead status, and tell the customer when replacement is necessary.


  • Ink level gauge
  • User intervention
  • Cost of ownership
  • Downtime
  • Waste

Product name and ink volume

Inkjet cartridge product name
Part number
Ink volume
HP 14, Ink cartridge black
HP 14 (C5011A)
23 ml
HP 14, Ink cartridge, black
HP 14 (C5011D)
26 ml
HP 14 Ink cartridge, Tri-color
HP 14 (C5010A)
19 ml
HP 14 Ink cartridge, Tri-color
HP 14 (C5010D)
23 ml
Printhead product name
Part number
HP 14 Printhead, black
HP 14 (C4920A)
HP 14 Printhead, cyan
HP 14 (C4921A)
HP 14 Printhead, magenta
HP 14 (C4922A)
HP 14 Printhead, yellow
HP 14 (C4923A)


  • HP 14 cartridges and printheads are compatible with the following HP printers:
    • HP Color Inkjet printer CP1160
    • HP Officejet D135, D135xi, and D155xi series
    • HP Officejet 7100 series
    • HP Digital Copier 610

Maintenance of the cartridge

The printer automatically primes, cleans, and caps the cartridges to maintain optimum print quality. These operations are not visible to users.
Proper use and handling will provide high print quality and longer print cartridge life. To keep the print cartridges in good working order and the nozzles clear, print at least once a month. Observe the following table:
Do not
Do keep ink product sealed in the original packaging until ready to use. Ink can evaporate through the nozzles and the plastic body, reducing print cartridge life. Therefore, ink products have a longer life when sealed in the packaging.
After opening the ink product, store the product in the printer in the "home position" to help prevent ink from drying out in the nozzles. This will minimize the risk of contamination with airborne dust particles.
Press the POWER button to turn the printer off, rather than unplugging the printer. Pressing the POWER button caps the product in the service station, preventing ink from drying in the nozzles.
Do not unplug the printer without turning off the POWER button first.
Do not open the print carriage unless a printhead needs to be replaced. Opening the print carriage needlessly can damage printheads.
Remove an ink cartridge or printhead only when a replacement is available. If an ink cartridge or a printhead is removed without being replaced: Close the print carriage and the printer doors. Replace the ink cartridge or printhead within 24 hours.
Do not remove an ink cartridge and printhead at the same time.
If you must temporarily remove an ink product, store it in a sealed plastic container within the recommended Storage Temperatures. Recommended Storage Temperatures: 32 to 140 degrees F, or 0 to 60 degrees C
Do not re-tape the ink product if you remove the product from the printer
Store unopened ink products in an upright position.
Do not store the unopened ink product on its side for long periods of time.

Recommended storage conditions

Operational temperature and humidity
59 to 95 degrees F, or 15-35 degrees C.
Room temperature (no extreme temperatures)
32 to 140 degrees F, or 0 to 60 degrees C.

Altitude restrictions

The HP 14 series ink cartridges are not designed to be transported in printers at high altitudes, such as on airplanes.
The HP 51633M and HP C6628A Inkjet print cartridges are designed to be transported in a printer. See the document, Printer/Cartridge compatibility tables, for a list of the printers that can use HP 51633M and HP C6628A print cartridges.


HP ink supplies have a finite life span. After a certain period of time, a particular supply is no longer usable, because the ink may have lost enough water to damage the manifold or printhead. The cartridge and printhead system prevents damage by checking the date on the supply, and not printing with an expired supply. The cartridge and printhead system will provide both nearly expired and expired dialogs.

Installation dates

Be sure to use the HP ink product before the install-by-date on the product package.


Your HP ink cartridge and printheads are backed by HP’s limited warranty. If the product is defective, contact HP or your retailer before the end-of-warranty date.
Warranty information for the HP 14 ink cartridge and printhead
Figure : Locating the end-of-warranty date on a HP 14 ink cartridge
The HP 14 ink cartridges are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship until the end of warranty date. The end-of-warranty' date is in a YYYY/MM/DD format and is found on the cartridge as indicated in the diagram on the left.
Figure : Locating the end-of-warranty date on a HP 14 printhead
The HP 14 printheads are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship until the end of warranty date. The end-of-warranty date is in a YYYY/MM/DD format and is found on the printhead as indicated in the diagram on the left.






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