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Removing and Replacing the Battery for HP Pavilion 14-v000 Notebook PCs

This document applies to HP Pavilion 14-v000 notebook computers.
HP Pavilion 14-v000 notebook computer

Before you begin

  • Turn off the computer. Disconnect the Ethernet or modem cable. Disconnect the power cord.
  • Transfer the computer to a clear, flat, stable work surface over a non-carpeted floor.
  • HP strongly recommends the use of an anti-static wrist strap and a conductive foam pad when working on the computer.
  • Do not remove a component from its protective packaging until you are ready to install it.
Before starting, power off the computer and wait for components to cool before starting these procedures.
This product contains components that can be damaged by electrostatic discharge (ESD). To reduce the chance of ESD damage, work over a non-carpeted floor, use a static dissipative work surface (such as a conductive foam pad), and wear an ESD wrist strap connected to a grounded surface.
Procedures in this document are provided by HP for qualified service agents and as a courtesy to its customers. Servicing internal components increases the risk of damaging the computer which might not be covered under warranty. Understand the risk and refer to the product's warranty before attempting to service the computer.

Video overview

View the following video before using the steps in this article.
The video and graphics in this article depict a specific configuration of notebook computer. These same removal and replacement procedures apply to all configurations for all HP Pavilion 14-v000 notebook computers.

Removing the battery

Follow the steps in this section to remove the battery.
Make sure the computer is disconnected from power before starting.
Step 1
Slide the battery lock latch to the unlock position (identified with an “unlock” icon).
Sliding the battery lock latch to the open position
Step 2
Slide the battery release latch (identified with a battery icon) into the release position to partially eject the battery.
Sliding the battery release latch to release the battery
Step 3
Lift the front edge of the battery and remove the battery from the battery bay.
Lifting and removing the battery

Replacing the battery

Use the steps in this section to replace the battery.
Step 1
Insert the rear edge of the battery into the battery bay and lower the battery until it is properly seated and the battery release latch clicks.
Replacing the battery into its bay
Step 2
Slide the battery lock to the lock position to secure the battery.
Sliding the battery latch lock into the lock position

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