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HP Photosmart D7560 Printer - Replacing Ink Cartridges


If an ink cartridge is low on or out of ink and the print quality is unacceptable, the ink cartridge needs to be replaced. Follow these steps to replace the ink cartridge.

Replacing ink cartridges

  1. Make sure that the product is turned on.
    The attention light blinks, indicating that the ink cartridge is empty or the ink level is low.
  2. Lift the cartridge door to open it.
    Рис. : Opening the cartridge door
    The carriage moves to the center of the product.
  3. Press the tab on the front of the ink cartridge to release it and remove it from the slot.
    Рис. : Removing the ink cartridge
    • If replacing the black ink cartridge, push the tab of the ink cartridge on the far right.
    • If replacing one of the other ink cartridges, such as photo black, magenta, cyan, or yellow, push the tab on the appropriate ink cartridge to remove it.
  4. Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging by pulling the orange pull-tab straight back to remove the plastic wrap.
    Make sure that the plastic wrap is removed from the ink cartridge before installing it in the product.
    Рис. : Removing the plastic wrap
  5. Twist the orange cap to snap it off.
    A forceful twist might be required to remove the orange cap.
    Рис. : Removing the orange cap
  6. Using the colored shape icons for guidance, slide the ink cartridge into the empty slot until it clicks into place and is seated firmly in the slot.
    Рис. : Inserting the new ink cartridge
    Do not lift the latch handle on the carriage to install the ink cartridges. Doing so can result in incorrectly seated ink cartridges and printing issues. The latch must remain down in order to install the ink cartridges correctly.
      Рис. : Latch handle on the carriage
    1. Latch in the down position
    Make sure that the ink cartridge is inserted into the slot that has the same shape icon and color as the ink cartridge.
    Repeat steps three through six for each ink cartridge to be replaced.
  7. Close the cartridge door.
    Рис. : Closing the cartridge door

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