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HP Photosmart A320 and A321 Printers - Installing the Print Cartridge


This document contains instructions for installing the print cartridge.

Install the print cartridge

  1. Open the print cartridge package. Pull the pink pull- tab to remove the clear tape from the print cartridge.
    Рис. : Removing the tape from the print cartridge
    Do not touch or remove the ink nozzles or the copper- colored contacts.
  2. Open the print cartridge door.
    Рис. : Opening print cartridge door
  3. Insert the print cartridge into the print cartridge cradle with the label facing up and the copper- colored contacts facing the inside of the printer.
  4. Push the print cartridge into the cradle until it snaps into place.
  5. Close the print cartridge door.
  6. The printer aligns the print cartridge, ensuring high print quality. An alignment page prints.

Align print cartridge

The first time you insert a HP 110 Tri-color Inkjet print cartridge, the printer aligns it automatically.
Рис. : Alignment page
  • The check marks verify that the print cartridge is installed correctly and functioning properly.
  • If an “x” is displayed to the left of any of the bars, align the print cartridge again. If the “x” is still displayed, replace the print cartridge.

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