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HP Photosmart C6100 All-in-One Series - Installing the Ink Cartridges


This document contains information about installing the ink cartridges.

Install the print cartridges

The HP All-in-One must be on before you can insert the printcartridges.
  1. After you press the On button, wait for the prompton the color graphics display before continuing.
  2. Open the access door by lifting it until it stops.
    Рис. : Opening the access door
  3. Squeeze the bottom of each latch to release it, andthen lift the latch.
    Рис. : Release latch
  4. Lift all six latches.
    Рис. : All latches lifted
  5. Match the color and pattern of the ink cartridge to thecolor and pattern on the print carriage.
    1. Push the black ink cartridge into the first slot on theleft. Close the latch.
      Рис. : Black ink cartridge installation
    2. Repeat with each of the color ink cartridges.
      Рис. : Color ink cartridge installation
    3. Make sure each latch is secure.
      Рис. : All cartridges installed
      Use only the ink cartridges that came withthe printer. The ink in these cartridges is speciallyformulated to mix with the ink in the print headassembly at first-time setup.
  6. Close the access door and follow the prompts on the color graphics display.

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