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HP All-in-One Products - Loading Banner Paper

Banner paper is also known as Continuous, Computer, or Z-Fold paper. Banner paper cannot be used for fax or copy output. If you use non-HP banner paper, it must be 75 g/m2 (20-pound) paper. The weight of the paper will be printed on the paper package.
  1. Remove all other paper from the paper tray and then remove the output tray.
  2. Fan the paper and make sure the stack contains at least five pages.
  3. Carefully, tear off the perforated edge strips (if any) from both sides of the paper stack, and unfold and refold the paper to make sure the pages do not stick together.
  4. Put the paper in the paper tray so that the unattached edge is at the top of the stack and will enter the all-in-one first.
  5. Insert the first edge into the paper tray until it stops, as shown in the illustration below. Replace the output tray.
    Рис. : Loading continuous paper
  6. Before printing, change the paper type and size settings to Banner. Click here to learn how to change the print settings. (c00042649)
This document applies to the following all-in-one products:
  • HP PSC 2100 series: PSC 2105, 2108, 2110, 2110v, 2110xi, and 2115
  • HP PSC 2170 series: PSC 2170, 2171, 2175, 2175v, 2110xi, and 2179
  • HP PSC 2200 series: PSC 2210, 2210v, 2210xi
  • HP PSC 2400 Photosmart series: PSC 2405, 2410, 2410v, 2410xi, and 2420
  • HP PSC 2500 Photosmart series: PSC 2510 and 2510xi

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