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HP Laser 100 Printers - First Time Printer Setup

This document is for HP Laser 103a, 107a, 107r, 107w, 108a, and 108w printers.
To set up a printer for the first time, remove the printer and all packing materials from the box, load paper into the input tray, connect the power cable, and then download and install the printer software.
If you are looking for the printer software, go to 123.hp.com.

Step 1: Remove the printer from the box, and then remove packing materials

Remove the printer from the box and all tape, stickers, and packing materials from the printer.
  1. Remove the printer from the box.
  2. Lift the top cover.
    Opening the top cover
  3. Remove the packing material from the toner cartridge access area, and then remove the toner cartridge.
      Removing the safety tab and toner cartridge
    1. Removing the safety tab
    2. Removing the toner cartridge
  4. Remove the sealing tape.
    Removing the sealing tape
  5. Grasp both sides of the toner cartridge, and then distribute the toner by gently rocking the toner cartridge back and forth.
    Rocking the toner cartridge back and forth
  6. Align the toner cartridge with the tracks inside the printer, and then push the toner cartridge until it is firmly seated.
    Inserting the toner cartridge into the printer

Step 2: Load plain paper in the input tray

Load plain U.S. letter or A4 paper in the input tray.
  1. Open the input tray.
    Opening the paper tray
  2. Slide open the paper guides.
    Opening paper guides
  3. Load a stack of U.S. letter or A4 size paper into the input tray with the short edge forward and the print side up. Push the stack into the tray until it stops.
    Loading paper into the input tray
  4. Slide in the paper guides until they rest against the edges of the paper. Do not push the paper guides so far in that they bind the paper.
    Sliding in the paper guides
  5. Open the output tray and extension.
      Opening the output tray and extension
    1. Opening the output tray
    2. Opening the output tray extension

Step 3: Connect the power cord, and then turn on the printer

Plug the printer into a wall outlet, and then turn on the printer.
  1. Connect the power cord to the rear of the printer, and then plug the other end of the power cord into an electrical outlet.
    Connecting the power cord.
  2. Press the power button to turn on the printer.

Step 4: Install the printer software

Download the latest version of the printing software from 123.hp.com, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.


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