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HP Officejet Pro K5300 and K5400 Printer Series - Installing Ink Cartridges


This document describes how to install the ink cartridges and printheads.

Step one: Install the ink cartridges

You must install all four cartridges for the device to work correctly.
  1. Open the cover.
  2. Remove each cartridge from its package.
    사진 : Cartridge and package
    Cartridge and package
  3. Align the cartridge with the color coded slot, and then insert the cartridge into the slot.
    사진 : Insert the cartridge
    Insert the cartridge
  4. Press down firmly on the cartridge until it snaps into place.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each cartridge.
  6. Close the cover.
    사진 : Close the cover
    Close the cover

Step two: Prepare the printheads

  1. Rapidly shake the printhead package five or six times before opening it.
    사진 : Shaking the printhead package
    Do not shake the printheads after removing the orange protective caps.
  2. Open the printhead package and remove the printhead.

Step three: Install the printheads

  1. Open the cover.
  2. Open the printhead latch by gently lifting up on it.
    사진 : Lift the printhead latch
    Lift the printhead latch
  3. Remove the orange caps from the printhead.
    사진 : Remove the orange caps
    Remove the orange caps
  4. Insert the printhead into the color coded slot.
    사진 : Insert the printhead
    Insert the printhead
  5. Pull the printhead latch all the way forward, and then press down to properly engage the latch.
    사진 : Engage the latch
    Engage the latch
  6. Press down firmly on the printheads to before closing the printhead latch.
  7. Close the cover.
  8. After you close the cover, the product initializes and aligns the printheads automatically. The product prints an alignment page after it completes the process.

Step four: Align the printheads

After installing the printheads, the printer automatically aligns the printheads to ensure the best print quality. If the printer does not print the alignment page automatically, start the alignment process manually. Follow the steps below to start the alignment process manually.
  1. Press and hold the Power button ().
  2. Press the Resume button () three times, and then release the Power button (). The alignment process starts.


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