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    説明 - HPでは最近報告されている“投機的実行機能のサイドチャネル攻撃”の脆弱性を確認しています。 HPでは現在インテルx86 プロセッサー搭載のシステム向けにセキュリティブルテンを提供しており , その他のプロセッサー(ARM, AMD) についても準備ができ次第引き続き提供いたします。



HP Server Processor Upgrade Installation Sheet

Where to Obtain Installation Instructions
Complete processor installation and removal instructions can be found in both of the following sources:
  • The HP Server Operations and Maintenance Guide, on the HP Server Documentation CD-ROM shipped with your HP Server, has a complete chapter on installing and removing processors.
  • The HP Server Operations and Maintenance Guide for your HP Server can be viewed and printed from the official HP Server web site:
Thermal grease has been applied to the heatsink at the factory. No additional thermal grease needs to be applied to the heatsink or the CPU during initial installation
The extra thermal grease in the plastic tube should be saved and MUST be used in the following instances:
  • if problems are experienced during installation that result in some of the grease getting scraped off.
  • every time after initial installation that the heatsinks are removed and reinstalled.
The following steps must be followed when re-applying thermal grease to ensure proper thermal conductivity which will prevent damage to the CPU that is caused by overheating:
  1. Clean off all of the existing thermal grease from the CPU and the heatsink using a cloth and isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.
  2. Set the server unit in a position so that the CPU top surface is parallel to the ground level.
  3. Apply the entire tube of thermal grease to the center area of the CPU.
Warranty and Support
This HP Server accessory is covered by a limited hardware warranty for a period of one year from receipt by the original end-user purchaser.
Once installed in an HP Server, this accessory may carry the longer of either a one-year warranty or the remainder of the warranty period for the HP Server in which it is installed.
This accessory may be serviced through expedited part shipments. In this event, HP will prepay shipping charges, duty, and taxes; provide telephone assistance on replacement of the component; and pay shipping charges, duty, and taxes for any part that HP asks to be returned.
The customer may be required to run HP-supplied configuration and diagnostic programs before a replacement will be dispatched or an on-site visit is authorized.
Refer to the warranty statement provided with your original HP Server system documentation for the warranty limitations, customer responsibilities, and other terms and conditions.
HP Repair and Telephone Support
Refer to the HP Server Warranty and Support for your hp server booklet supplied with your HP Server system documentation for instructions on how to obtain HP repair and telephone support.


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