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HP PCs - Setting up and using the HP Tilt Pen

This document is for the HP Tilt Pen.

Set up an HP Tilt Pen with your compatible touch screen laptop, and then customize pen settings, button actions, and other pen and handwriting settings.

Setting up the HP Tilt Pen

Set up an HP Tilt Pen with your laptop.

Set up the pen

Set up an HP Tilt Pen with your laptop.

  1. Remove the pen from its packaging.

    Removing the pen from its packaging
  2. Twist the pen to unlock it, and then pull the end up to access the charger.

    Twisting the pen cap
  3. Charge the pen with a USB-C plug.

    Plugging in the USB-C plug to the pen's charger

    A white LED illuminates to indicate the pen is charging.

  4. Wait one hour for the pen to fully charge, and then disconnect the charger.

  5. Twist the pen cap to close and lock it back into place.

Pair the pen with the laptop

Pair the pen with the laptop via Bluetooth.

  1. Press and hold the top button for three seconds.

    Pressing the button to prepare the pen for pairing

    The light is solid blue when the pen is ready to pair.

  2. In Windows, search for and open Settings, and then click Devices.

    Selecting Devices in Settings
  3. Select Add Bluetooth or other device, and then click Bluetooth.

    Selecting Bluetooth
  4. Select the HP Tilt Pen.

    In Add a device selecting HP Tilt Pen
  5. Click Done to complete pairing the HP Tilt Pen with the computer.

Customize the pen settings

Customize the pen settings in Windows 10.

  1. In Windows, search for and open Pen settings.

  2. Customize the pen settings:

    • Pen & Windows Ink: Choose which hand to write with, and enable or disable visual effects, cursor, and a setting to ignore touch input when using the pen.

    • Handwriting: Choose to write directly into a text field, change the font and font size, and choose to write with your fingertip.

    • Windows Ink WorkspaceCustomize additional pen settings (if supported by your pen). Settings include show recommended app suggestions; set pen shortcuts; and select pen behavior when you click once, double-click, or press and hold.

  3. Save the settings and open an app to use your pen with the selected settings.

Installing the pen loop (Spectre Folio 13 laptops)

Install the pen loop on the computer to store the HP Tilt Pen when not in use.

Install the pen loop

Install the pen loop on the computer to store the HP Tilt Pen when not in use.

  1. Flip the screen up to access the display back.

    Flipping the screen up to get to the display back
  2. Remove the instruction sticker from the right side of the display.

    Peeling off the instruction sticker
  3. On the leather pen loop, remove the adhesive backing.

    Peeling the adhesive back off the pen loop
  4. Place the pen loop on the indent on the back of the display, and then press it to secure the adhesive.

    Pressing to secure the adhesive

    Do not attach the pen loop to the leather case.

  5. Flip the screen back to its original position and use the pen loop to store the pen when not in use.

    Placing the pen in the loop when not in use






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