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HP Notebook PCs - Purchasing a replacement battery

If the battery in your notebook computer has lost its capacity to hold a charge, you can purchase a replacement battery from HP.

Test the condition of an HP Notebook PC battery

HP provides a Battery Check tool that you can use to test your battery before ordering a new one.

For more information, see HP Notebook PCs - Testing and calibrating the battery (Windows).

For instructions about how to improve battery performance, see HP Notebook PCs - Improving battery performance (Windows).

Find product and serial numbers with HP Support Assistant

Find your computer name, product number, and serial number with HP Support Assistant.

  1. In Windows, search for and open HP Support Assistant, or click the app icon in the taskbar.

    If the app is not installed on your computer, go to HP Support Assistant to download the latest version.
  2. On the My Dashboard tab, locate the computer product name, product number, and serial number.

    Finding the computer product name, product number, and serial number

Order a replacement battery

Order a new battery from the HP Parts Store.


Some countries or regions might not be supported when ordering parts from See your local HP retailer or contact HP directly to purchase additional batteries or other parts.

  1. Go to the HP Parts Store.

  2. In the Find your part field enter your product number, and then press the Enter key.


    Remove the suffix from the product number. For example, DZ357U#ABA is entered as DZ357U.

  3. Under Buy certified HP genuine replacement parts, select your country/region and language.

  4. Type the Serial Number, Product number, or Product name in the field, and then click the Search for a part button.


    If you are using the product number to search, remove the suffix from the product number. For example, type product number DZ357U#ABA as DZ357U.

  5. Find your notebook, and then select the appropriate product number.

  6. Find the battery in the part list, and follow the instructions to purchase the battery from HP or from HP Parts Store partners.