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HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M751, M856, Managed E75245, E85055 - Removal and replacement: embedded Multi-Media Card (eMMC) (M751/E75245/M856/E85055)

Learn how to remove and replace the embedded Multi-Media Card (eMMC).

Mean time to repair: 10 minutes

Service level: CSR A

Before performing service

Turn the printer power off

  • Disconnect the power cable.


    To avoid damage to the printer, turn the printer off, wait 30 seconds, and then remove the power cord before attempting to service the printer.

Use the table below to identify the correct part number for your printer. To order the part, go to

Part information

Part number

Part description


PC board - eMMC 16GB

Required tools

  • No special tools are required to remove or install this assembly.

After performing service

Turn the printer power on

  • Connect the power cable.

  • Use the power switch to turn the power on.

Post service test

Make sure that the printer initializes to a Ready state.

Print a page to make sure that the printer is functioning correctly.

Remove the formatter cover

Follow these steps to remove the formatter cover.

  1. Loosen one thumbscrew (callout 1), and then slide the formatter cover (callout 2) away from the printer to remove it.

    Remove the formatter cover

    Remove the formatter cover

Remove the embedded Multi-Media Card (eMMC) (M751/E75245/M856/E85055)

Follow these steps to remove the embedded Multi-Media Card (eMMC) (M751/E75245/M856/E85055).

  1. Locate the embedded Multi-Media Card (eMMC) on the formatter board.

    Locate the eMMC

    Locate the eMMC
  2. Lift the eMMC off of the formatter board to remove it.

    Remove the eMMC

    Remove the eMMC

Unpack the replacement assembly

Follow these steps to unpack the replacement assembly.

  1. Dispose of the defective part.


    HP recommends responsible disposal of the defective part.

  2. Unpack the replacement part from the packaging.


    Some parts are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Always perform service work at an ESD-protected workstation or mat. If an ESD workstation or mat is not available, touch the sheet-metal chassis to provide a static ground before touching an ESD-sensitive assembly. Protect the ESD-sensitive assemblies by placing them in ESD pouches when they are out of the printer.


    Make sure that all of the shipping materials (for example shipping tape) are removed from the replacement part prior to installation.


    If the replacement part is a roller or pad, avoid touching the spongy part of it. Skin oils on the roller or pad can cause paper pickup and/or print-quality problems. HP recommends using disposable gloves when handling rollers or pads or washing your hands before touching rollers or pads.

  3. To install an assembly, reverse the removal steps.


    When applicable, special installation instructions are provided for an assembly at the end of the removal procedure. Always completely read the removal instructions and follow all special installation instructions.

Install the embedded Multi-Media Card (eMMC) (M751/E75245/M856/E85055)

Follow these steps to install the embedded Multi-Media Card (eMMC) (M751/E75245/M856/E85055).

  1. Position the connector (callout 1) on the eMMC card into the connector (callout 2) on the formatter board.

    Position the eMMC

    Position the eMMC
  2. Press the eMMC firmly onto the formatter board to install it.

    Install the eMMC

    Install the eMMC

Install the formatter cover

Follow these steps to install the formatter cover.

  1. Position the formatter cover (callout 1) on the printer, slide it toward the printer to install it, and then tighten one thumbscrew (callout 2).

    Install the formatter cover

    Install the formatter cover

Reverse the removal steps to install the assembly

Also use the following special installation instructions.

Reinstall the printer firmware

  1. Go to

  2. Select Upgrade now.

  3. Find your Enterprise printer model.

  4. Select the link to open the firmware download page.

  5. Scroll down and expand Firmware-FutureSmart 4.

  6. Select Download next to the printer firmware entry.


    To view installation instructions, go to Select Upgrade now, and then select How to perform a firmware update.