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HP PCs - Setting Up Alexa on Windows (Windows 10)

This document applies to HP and Compaq computers with Alexa on Windows installed.
Alexa on Windows is a cloud-based service or voice assistant app that runs on computers using the Windows 10 operating system. Through the PC's microphone, Alexa on Windows responds to voice commands to play music, search the Internet, shop, control smart home devices, and more.
Use this document to learn how to set up Alexa on your Windows 10 computer.

Use Alexa for the first time

Alexa on Windows is preinstalled on most HP systems that feature it and you can begin using the app right out of the box. For some models, you must download and install Alexa on Windows using the HP Jump Start Concierge. When the app is installed, it is ready to use; all the necessary drivers and settings are already present on the system.
  1. Make sure your computer is connected to an active Internet connection.
  2. To open Alexa, click Start, and then click the Alexa on Windows app.
    Alexa on Windows app icon
  3. The setup screen displays. Click Set up Amazon Alexa.
    Amazon Alexa setup screen
  4. On the Terms and Conditions screen, click Continue.
    Accepting Terms and Conditions
  5. Select the settings you want and then click Finish setup. You can change these later from inside the app.
    Completing setup
  6. Click Sign in to sign in to your Amazon account. If you don't have an Amazon account, click Create a new Amazon account, and follow the instructions.
    Signing in to Alexa
    After logging in the first time, Alexa is always ready. Log in is required only when you log out of Alexa or when you change the login account.
  7. After signing in, the Alexa on Windows home screen displays and the app is ready.
    Ask questions with voice commands just like with an Amazon Echo device. Use a wake word Alexa, and then speak a command. You can also click the Alexa on Windows icon to begin.
    Alexa on Windows home screen
    In addition to providing audio feedback, the Alexa on Windows home screen can display information about many topics. For example, when asking about weather conditions, Alexa provides an audio response and also displays an answer on the screen.
    Example of response on the screen
  8. To manage Alexa features and settings, click the top left menu icon on the Alexa home screen. Some of the menu items link to further information on the Amazon Alexa website.
    Alexa app menu


If there is a problem with the app, try one of the following:
Alexa is not working for me.
Make sure the computer is connected to the Internet.
I don’t hear anything.
Check the speaker volume on the computer.
Alexa is not responding to my command and remains in a thinking state.
Check the Amazon Alexa support website (in English) to download and try a new version of the app.
The Alexa app is stuck on the sign in page and the Alexa home screen won’t open.
Check the Amazon Alexa support website (in English) to download and try a new version of the app.

Frequently asked questions

Use the following information to answer your questions about Alexa on Windows.






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