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Samsung MFP SL-K3250-K3300, MultiXpress Color MFP SL-X3220-X3280 - Scanning from a Network Connected Printer

This document explains how you can scan an image on the printer and send it to your network connected computer.

Scanning from a network connected printer

Make sure the printer driver is installed on your computer.
Use these steps to scan a document.
  1. Make sure the printer and computer are connected to a network.
    To enable this feature, click or tap Advanced Setting, Scan to PC Settings in Samsung Easy Printer Manager, and then set the Scan activation option to Enable. This option is disabled.
  2. Place the originals face up in the RADF or place a single original face down on the scanner glass and close the RADF.
  3. Press Scan to PC from the display screen.
    Figure : Home screen
  4. Select your computer name and press OK. If the printer requests a password, enter the password using the numeric keypad on the control panel.
  5. Press the application program you want and press Select.
    The default setting is My Documents.
  6. Set the scan quality with Resolution in the Basic tab.
  7. Set the size of original in the Advanced tab. If you are not sure of the original size, select Auto.
  8. Set the color mode in the Image tab.
  9. Set the file format you want to save the image as in the Output tab.