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Samsung Laser Printers - How to Log In to SyncThru Web Service

SyncThru Web Service is web-based software built into all network-connected Samsung printers. SyncThru Web Service is secured with a User ID and Password. The default User ID is admin and Password is sec00000, but it can be changed from the default.
The password might not be sec00000 if an admin has set the password to something different, or if the printer is an older model (for older models, the default password is 1111).
To log into SyncThru Web Service, use the following steps:
The printer must be powered on and connected to the same network as the computer to open SyncThru Web Service.
  1. Open the internet browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer, on the computer. Click in the address bar (not the search bar) at the top of the browser. Type the printer's IP address into the address bar, and press the Enter key on the keyboard. The SyncThru Web Service window will open. To obtain the printer's IP address printer a Configuration Report. SyncThru Web Service can also be opened by going to the Device Settings tab of the Easy Printer Manager.
    Figure : Address bar
  2. Click Login at the top right of the window.
    Figure : Login
  3. Enter admin into the ID space and sec00000 into the Password space, then click LOGIN.
    Figure : Login page
  4. The option to change the password will appear, if a change is needed.
    The password is limited to 18 characters. Creating a password 19 characters or longer will cause SyncThru Web Service to log out, and the printer network settings must be reset to login again.
    Figure : Change password
  5. More tabs show at the top and different options are now editable. SyncThru Web Service give the options for viewing printer information, changing settings, and performing maintenance on the printer.
    Figure : Printer options
If the login fails, verify the default login and password are lowercase. If the password or ID were changed, then use the updated ID and password that were created.
If the ID and password have been changed and that information is unavailable, then resetting the network settings is required, this will set the ID and password back to the default credentials.