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Samsung Laser Printers - "Printer Spooler is not running" in Windows

If the following message displays "Printer Spooler is not running." while trying to print or when adding a printer, then make sure that the Spooler service is on.
To check the Spooler Service in Windows 7 or Windows 8, follow these steps:
  1. Depending on your Windows operating system, open the Control Panel.
    • Windows 7: On the Windows taskbar, click Start(), and then click Control Panel.
    • Windows 8: On the keyboard, press the Windows key (), and press the "X" key on the keyboard at the same time, and then select Control Panel.
      Figure : Control Panel
  2. Click System and Security.
    Figure : System and Security
  3. Select Administrative Tools.
    Figure : Administrative Tools
  4. Double-click Services.
    Figure : Services
  5. Use the scroll bar on the right-side of the window to navigate to Print Spooler.
    Figure : Print Spooler
  6. On the left-hand side of the window, the following options might display in blue: Start, Stop, and Restart.
    Click Start if available, and then click Restart.
    If the service is not running, then Start will display instead of Stop and vice-versa.
    Figure : Restart the service
  7. Close the window and restart the computer.
After restarting the computer, try printing a test page or adding a printer again.
If the printer shows Offline, right-click the printer icon, select Remove Device to remove it completely, and then reinstall the printer.