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HP LaserJet Enterprise, HP PageWide Enterprise, HP OfficeJet Enterprise - Print or view reports of information stored on the printer

Printer reports provide details about the printer and its current configuration. Follow the steps in this document to print or view the printer reports.
The steps vary according to the type of control panel firmware (FutureSmart 3 or FutureSmart 4).
Figure : FutureSmart 3 control panels
FutureSmart 3 control panel examples
Figure : FutureSmart 4 control panels
FutureSmart 4 control panel examples

Reports menu

First level
Second level
Configuration/Status Pages
Administration Menu Map
Shows the structure of the Administration menu.
How to Connect Page
Shows the IP address, the host name, and the MAC address for the printer if it is connected to a network. If applicable, it also shows the HP ePrint address and the AirPrint address.
Current Settings Page
Shows the current settings for each option in the Administration menu.
Configuration Page
Shows the printer settings and installed accessories.
Supplies Status Page
Shows the approximate remaining life for the supplies; reports statistics on total number of pages and jobs processed, serial number, page counts, and maintenance information.
HP provides approximations of the remaining life for the supplies as a customer convenience. The actual remaining supply levels might be different than the approximations provided.
Usage Page
Shows a count of all paper sizes that have passed through the product; lists whether they were simplex, duplex, monochrome, or color; and reports the page count.
File Directory Page
Shows the file name and folder name for files that are stored in the printer memory.
Web Services Status Page
Shows the detected Web Services for the printer.
Color Usage Job Log (color products only)
Shows the color-usage statistics for the printer.
Fax Reports (fax products only)
Fax Activity Log
Contains a list of the faxes that have been sent from or received by this printer.
Billing Codes Report
A list of billing codes that have been used for outgoing faxes. This report shows how many sent faxes were billed to each code.
Blocked Fax List
A list of phone numbers that are blocked from sending faxes to this printer.
Speed Dial List
Shows the speed dials that have been set up for this printer.
Fax Call Report
A detailed report of the last fax operation, either sent or received.
Other Pages
Demonstration Page
Prints a demonstration page that highlights the printing capability of the printer.
RGB Samples (color products only)
Prints color samples for different RGB values. Use the samples as a guide for matching printed colors.
CMYK Samples (color products only)
Prints color samples for different CMYK values. Use the samples as a guide for matching printed colors.
PCL Font List
Prints the available PCL fonts.
PS Font List
Prints the available HP postscript level 3 emulation fonts.






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