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HP PCs - Error Messages Display on a Black Screen during Startup or Boot (Windows 10, 8, 7)

This document is for HP computers with Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 operating system.
There are many reasons that a computer does not start up or boot into the Windows operating system. If your computer does not start or boot, you will see or hear symptoms to indicate the general area of the problem. If you are not sure what the problem is, view one of the following documents:
Use this document if the computer displays an error message on a black screen when the power button is pressed. The cause of this problem might be an error in the instruction being sent from the BIOS to a hardware component such as a keyboard failure, or an incompatible device driver. These types of problems can usually be resolved by clearing the error message, then installing updated firmware for a critical component.
Depending on your version of Windows, some graphics and information in this document might vary slightly.
Black screen error example: Windows Boot Manager
Windows Boot Manager black screen error
Black screen error example: Boot Device Not Found
Boot Device Not Found black screen error

Step 1: Perform a hard reset

If a PC suddenly fails to boot properly, perform a hard reset as the first troubleshooting procedure.

Step 2: Search for a specific black screen error message

Write down the error message or code that displays when the black screen error occurs. Use the exact error text to search the following websites for solutions:

Step 3: Run hardware diagnostic tests using HP PC Hardware Diagnostics

HP PC Hardware Diagnostics enable you to test the main components on your computer by selecting quick tests or longer, more complete tests. You can use these tests even if the computer does not open to Windows.
For more information about running hardware diagnostic tests on your computer, see HP PCs - Testing for Hardware Failures.
To test the hardware on a computer with a Linux operating system, run the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics from a USB drive. To download the latest version of the diagnostics, go to the HP Hardware Diagnostics website.
To download the latest version of the Hardware Diagnostics for Windows, go to the HP Hardware Diagnostics website. In the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows section, click Download Diagnostics Windows, and then follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the software.
Downloading Hardware Diagnostics for Windows
Use the following sets of steps to run HP PC Hardware Diagnostics tests on the computer memory and hard drive:
There are three system tests; Fast Test, Quick Test, and Extensive Test. These tests check the system for basic functionality of the main components. The steps below describe how to run the Fast Test and the Extensive test.
If you are ready to run the tests, use the instructions in the following sections. Start by using the System Fast Test to quickly identify hardware issues. After running the Fast Test, if no errors are found but your computer is still exhibiting symptoms of a hardware problem, run the Extensive Test.
If the error persists, continue to the next step.

Step 4: Restore BIOS default settings

To restore the BIOS default setting, open the BIOS Setup screen as follows:
  1. Turn off the computer and wait five seconds.
  2. Press the Power button to start the computer and repeatedly press the F10 key to enter the BIOS setup menu.
  3. On the BIOS Setup screen, press the F9 key to select and load the BIOS Setup Default settings.
  4. Press the F10 key to Save and Exit.
  5. Using the arrow keys select Yes, then press Enter when asked Exit Saving Changes?
  6. Follow the prompts to restart your computer.
If the computer stops responding at the black screen, continue the troubleshooting actions in the next section.

Step 5: Restore Windows to a previous point

If the computer detects an operating system on the hard drive, you might be able to restore Windows. System Restore undoes any recent changes that might be causing the error, including changing your settings and uninstalling recently-installed software applications.
On most computers, System Restore points are created by default. Restore points might be disabled, depending on your configuration. Continue to the next step if system restore points are unavailable.

Step 6: Perform a system reset

If none of the above actions resolved the error condition, back up your personal data, then reset your computer by reinstalling the operating system. Depending on your version of Windows, choose one of the following documents for more information:
If reinstalling the operating system did not resolve the problem, continue to the next step.

Step 7: Contact HP

If the solutions in this document did not fix the black screen error, go to Contact Support.






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