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HP LaserJet Enterprise P3010 Printer Series - How to Perform High Voltage Test (HVPS)


Use the following troubleshooting to determine if the there are issues with the voltage being supplied to the toner cartridge. All HP toner cartridges have a set of contacts on left or right side, it depends on the printer model.


Below are the steps on how to perform a high voltage test:
  1. Remove the toner cartridge.
  2. Identify the developing charge roller contact.
  3. Place a piece of clear tape over the contact circle on yellow and put the toner back to the printer.
  4. Turn On the printer and print an internal page. The printout should be covered on black all over the whole page.
    The result of the black page is because, the OPC has a neutral charge (the tape on the contact interrupts the conditioning step from the imaging formation process.) This causes the toner to be attracted to the entire OPC.