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HP Notebook PCs - Using HP MediaSmart Software Webcam Feature

This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows 7.
HP MediaSmart software, installed on many HP notebook PCs shipped with Windows 7, allows you to record a video using the built in webcam and organize your recordings, add effects, and upload your webcam videos directly to YouTube.
Use the HP MediaSmart Webcam interface to do the following:

Get the latest version of MediaSmart Music/Video/Picture (MVP)

MediaSmart MVP software is pre-installed on some notebook models delivered with Windows 7, and is available for installation on notebooks that were upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 using the HP Windows Update program.
To download the MediaSmart software, go to the Software & Driver downloads web page. Enter the model or product number, and then select the installed operating system.
MediaSmart Music Video Picture (MVP) is part of a suite of MediaSmart programs you may wish to download and install all of the appropriate MediaSmart modules. Alternately, you can download the current MediaSmart MVP module.

Launch MediaSmart Software Webcam feature

To open the MediaSmart software webcam feature, double-click the MediaSmart icon on the desktop and then select the webcam icon from the MediaSmart task bar.

Adjust HP MediaSmart Webcam Settings

Customize your webcam features by selecting Settings on the right side of the HP MediaSmart Webcam window, and then adjust settings.
  • Capture - Change the delay before the photo or capture is taken, recording time (10 minutes is the limit for uploading to YouTube), video capture quality, and capture with audio.
  • Display - Change the brightness, contrast mirror image. You can also click Advanced Settings change capture filter properties.
  • Snapshot - Change the number of shots taken when you select burst photos and the shutter speed.
After you make the adjustments, click OK to save the settings.

Record webcam videos and photos

HP MediaSmart Webcam makes it easy to record webcam videos and photos for friends, family or just for fun. Use the tools available to make your own recording. After you have made your recordings, you can view them under All Captured Content in the right pane of the HP MediaSmart Webcam window.
  • Capture - Click Capture to record a video and when you have completed the video, click Stop.
  • Snapshot - Click Snapshot to take a picture.
  • Burst - Click Burst to take a series of photos rapidly.
  • Zoom - Click Zoom to focus on a certain area of the camera shot using the settings available.
    • Disable Zoom - Remove the zoom feature from the video or picture.
    • Face Tracking - Automatically identify and track your face.
    • Manual Zoom - Manually zoom in on the area. Move the zoom bar and use the red box to the area of focus.
After you make the adjustments, click OK to save the settings.

Add effects to your webcam videos and photos

HP MediaSmart Webcam has special effect tools to enhance your video recording or photos. If you decide you do not want the effect on your image, click erase at the top of the HP MediaSmart Webcam window.
  • Frames - Click Frames to select a theme to relating to your video or photo to frame your image.
  • Avatars - Click Avatars to select a character to speak for you in the video and photo.
  • Filters - Click Filters to select a filter to surround your image with bubbles, snowflakes, or another selection of filters.
  • Distortions - Click Distortions to select a funny or creative distortion for your image.
  • Emotions - On the left side of the HP MediaSmart Webcam window, select an emotion related to your image or your recording on the video.
  • Draw - Click Draw to select a color and thickness for your paintbrush , stamp , or eraser . Click Clear Drawing Effect to remove the entire drawing from the image.






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