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HP Scanjet Scanners - Mac OS: Setting up and Effectively Using Readiris PRO 7.0 in Mac OS X with an HP Scanjet Scanner


In order to effectively use Readiris PRO 7.0, it needs to be configured to use the scanner installed on the system.
Please follow the instructions below.
  1. Open Readiris which is commonly located in Applications/Hewlett-Packard/ Readiris PRO 7.0.
  2. Click Readiris then click Preferences.
  3. Click None under the Scanner title and select HP PrecisionScan DS then click OK.
  4. Click Settings then Text Format.
  5. In the Layout section, select the radio button that is next to Retain word and paragraph formatting and Include graphics.
  6. Click Text format and select the format that you would like the document to be created as. RTF will allow you to retain graphics and tables and is the most suitable option.
  7. In the Output section, click None then select Add Application.
  8. Choose an application such as TextEdit or Word. This will be where the document is output to after it has been converted to text.
  9. Click OK.

Using Readiris PRO 7.0:

Method 1: Acquiring directly from Readiris using Acquire Document.
  1. With Readiris open, click File then Acquire Document.
  2. Click New Scan.
  3. After the scan has been completed click Scan then Return to Readiris.
  4. After the scan has been imported back into Readiris, click Process then Recognize Document.
  5. Any characters unrecognized will need to be corrected using the Learning feature.
  6. After the learning process is complete, the document will then open in the application selected above in Step 7 of setting up Readiris.
Method 2: Scanning to Readiris from Preview Scan / PrecisionScan Pro
  1. Open the HP Photo and Imaging Director or click the HP Director icon on the dock.
  2. Click the Preview Scan icon.
  3. After the preview scan, create a selection area by double-clicking the image. The selection area can be resized by using the mouse.
  4. Click the second icon from the left, Scan To.
  5. There will now be a destination list. Drop down the list and change from Image file to Text file or Microsoft Word.
  6. Choose the radial selection for Image and Text as this will assist in maintaining increased formatting accuracy.
  7. Click Scan. If you choose to send it to Word it will be sent to Readiris to be recognized and then sent to Word completed in RTF.
  8. If you choose Text file, you will now be prompted to choose the location on the hard drive to save the file, title the document and choose the text format. The default text format is Rich Text.
  9. Click Save. The scanner will scan and save the file to the chosen destination of the file.
Method 3: Converting a pre-scanned image into editable text.
  1. With Readiris open, click the blue file folder icon to open the image file.
  2. Click Settings and select Text Format.
  3. In the Text Format window, choose RTF (Rich Text Format) from the text format drop down menu.
  4. Select the radio button that is next to Retain word and paragraph formatting and Include graphics.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Select Process then Recognize Document. Readiris will then OCR the document and save to the same location as the original file.
  7. Close the Readiris application and repeat the scanning to RTF module steps.
On occasion Readiris needs to be run on its own to initialize it before being run with PrecisionScan Pro.

Improving recognition of documents using Readiris:

  1. Increase the resolution of the scan. For example, try a scan at 600 dpi and see if Readiris recognizes it more efficiently.
  2. Change the orientation of the document.
  3. Change the Output Type to Grayscale.
  4. Use the Learning function, as this will improve the accuracy of Readiris.






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