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HP Designjet 4000 Printer Series - HP Instant Support and Active Chat


Get instant support for your printers by using a component of the HP Instant Support Professional Edition suite of troubleshooting tools (a diagnostic service that links users to personalized customer support for HP imaging and printing devices). Many HP devices have embedded Web servers (EWS) in their architecture, to enable e-services like message notification, remote diagnostics, software/firmware upgrades, and e-commerce.
The HP instant support for your printer web site collects data from the user's printing or imaging device (data that specifically describes the current status of the machine). The site instantly interprets the data and guides you through recommended next steps with concise, easy-to-follow text and visual aids. This site supports all HP Web-enabled LaserJet, Business Inkjet and Designjet printers.
The benefit of this technology is that problems are resolved at the first possible moment. The process may begin with an e-mail notification, alerting you to a problem with a printer. You can then browse to the embedded web server (EWS) on your printing device and select a direct link to HP Instant Support. Device data is then gathered and securely transmitted to hp.com in XML format via a secure http(s) connection. You are able to continue or cancel the data transfer, based on your sensitivity or security needs. If you choose to continue the data transfer process, the site communicates directly with the browser, not with the imaging or printing device. The HP Instant Support site parses the data, interpreting your printer's current status. A customized reply is served up to the desktop from the external site and you are guided through recommended next steps with concise, easy-to-follow text and visual aids.
The response screen is easy to understand. A customized welcome message is presented identifying your specific device and its status. The homepage has feedback relevant to the status of the device, as well as recommended next steps and helpful visual aids. HP Instant Support for your Printers provides a single point of contact at HP for troubleshooting and for purchasing additional services, supplies and equipment.
To be able to use HP Instant Support:
  • • You must have a TCP/IP connection to your printer because HP Instant Support is accessible only through the Embedded Web Server.
  • You must have access to the Internet (World Wide Web) because HP Instant Support is a Web–based service.
  • The list below is representative, but not exhaustive, of the type of information the "HP Instant Support" tool will collect:
    • Product name
    • Printer model number
    • Serial number
    • Firmware version
    • Number of pages printed
    • IP address of printer
    • Printer usage data
    • Event log (containing a list of printer errors)
    • Last prints accounting information

Accessing Instant Support

To start an HP Instant Support session, follow the steps below.
  1. click on the HP Instant support link in the EWS (Embedded Web Server).
    Figure : EWS
  2. In order to proceed, accept the Privacy Statement by selecting I agree and clicking on the Accept button.
    When accepting the Privacy Statement, an xml file containing the status of the printer is sent to an HP Web site. The xml file may be reviewed by scrolling down the Privacy Statement and clicking on the More information link.
    Figure : Privacy Statement
    Example of an xml file that would be sent to HP:
    Figure : Example xml file
  3. After clicking on the Accept button, the following screen will then be displayed.
    Figure : Loading page screen
  4. Click Yes on the Security Alert pop-up window to continue.
    Figure : Security alert

Instant Support Web Site

Once the privacy statement is accepted, you will have access to the instant support web page for the printer. Instant support allows to quickly identify, diagnose and resolve printing problems from the convenience of your desk, as quickly as possible.
This web page will display the overall condition of the printer. Click on the self-help link to begin diagnosis of the printer.
Figure : Instant support web site

Self-help section of instant support

Figure : Self-help screen
The self-help section provides access to various technical resources. From viewing documentation such as manuals and posters by clicking on the manuals link. The technical support link goes to “Support for HP Designjet Products” website where you can access online resources and download drivers, firmware, etc.
Clicking on the more instant support diagnostics link will launch the HP Instant Support Professional Edition tool where you will be allowed to initiate Online diagnostic tools or Active Chat.
Online diagnostic tools - Depending on the nature of the problem, the end user can attempt to resolve their own issue by using the various suite of tools. These tools are designed to be very intuitive for an average end user to use. When applicable, various ways are offered to self solve computing issues which are described below:
  • PC Hardware and Driver software diagnostics - When this tool is launched, a quick test of the health of all the software drivers is done and the results are returned. In many cases an automated fix is offered to the end user to resolve the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved automatically, specific content is supplied to guide the users next appropriate steps. If the drivers are deemed healthy, a set of diagnostics are offered that allow a health check of the computing devices hardware.
  • PC HW/Driver and BIOS support - Often new driver or bios versions supplied by the OEM will resolve computing issues. The tool will automatically gather identifying system information and present it back to the end users drivers and bios that are designed for their hardware and operating system. It also supplies information on each driver and bios and what they were designed to repair. Finally, it allows the user to download and install these software components from this web site.
  • Printing diagnostics - When printing problems are encountered, simple automated printing tests can be launched for local printers (parallel or USB connect) and all configurations of network printers. These tests check the printing driver, spooling service, hard disk drive space, and network card firmware. If problems are identified with the printer driver, spooling service or network card firmware, automated solutions are offered to the end user to fix these issues.
  • Assisted solve - If the end user is unable to resolve their problem, the tool allows a seamless escalation to the next level of support. At all points in the self solve experience the end user is given the option to get assistance online. When this is chosen, the end user will be given a screen to describe their problem in free-form text. Depending on the need, this could be a very short description or extensive. When the problem description is complete and the user clicks next, system data is automatically gathered. Along with the system data, all the results of self solve action that the user has taken is also sent (such as diagnostic results).
Active Chat
  • Active Chat enables you to electronically submit a support ticket to HP over the Web.
  • When you submit a support ticket, Active Chat will collect information about the computer and pass it to an online support specialist.
  • The collection of information may take up to 30 seconds depending on the computer configuration.
  • Once you have submitted a support ticket, you will receive a confirmation message containing your case ID, the support hours for your location and the estimated time of response.
Active chat enables you to communicate online with a support specialist. HP collects and sends your computer and/or printer information to the support specialist(s) or web resources, in HP's Worldwide Customer Support Organization. This enables the support specialist(s) to analyze and provide recommendations. Hewlett-Packard treats the collected information as confidential. Click on the Launch an active chat session link to initiate a chat session with a support specialist.
Figure : Active chat






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