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HP Designjet 400 Series Printers - Configuring the Printer

Configuration steps

In the majority of cases, there is no need to change any of the printer’s default settings. However, if you do want to change the defaults, follow these steps, which explain how to print and use the setup sheet.
If you changed the language from English, you already know how to use this sheet, but this time it will be in your chosen language.
  1. Load a sheet of A-size or A4-size plain paper, in portrait orientation. For help on how to load a sheet, refer to the pictures on the right-hand side of the printer’s media-entry slot. Don’t forget to check that the Media Source is set to Sheet. When the Ready light is on, you have loaded the sheet correctly.
  2. Make sure the front-panel Media Type is set to Paper. If necessary, press the Media Type key until the Paper light is on.
  3. Press Setup.
  4. When the print has finished, wait until the Load Media light comes on and the printer ejects the sheet. Remove the sheet.
  5. Follow the instructions on the setup sheet. Having marked the ovals to change the settings, reload the sheet into the printer, with the printed side down, and with the large arrow pointing into the printer.
    When the Ready light comes on, press Setup again.
    The printer now reads your marks and reconfigures itself automatically.
  6. When the Load Media light comes on again, remove the sheet and make sure that the printer has marked your selection with a check mark.
  7. Please store this latest copy of the setup sheet with the Quick Reference Guide in the plastic pocket at the side of the printer, so that a service engineer will know the current configuration even if the printer is inoperable.