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HP Designjet Printers - Hot I/O Switching Between Ports

Defining Hot I/O switching.
Hot I/O switching is the ability of a device to automatically switch between receiving data over different ports. An example is sending a print job over the parallel port and, when that is finished, sending another job over the serial port or the HP JetDirect card or vice versa. If a device did not have Hot I/O switching, you would have to cycle power before sending data over a new port.
ISSUE: Which HP DesignJet printers have Hot I/O switching:
Refer to the following:
  • HP DesignJet 650C A/B printer
  • HP DesignJet 700/750C/750C Plus/755CM printer
  • HP DesignJet 330/350C printer
  • HP DesignJet 430/450C/455CA printer
  • HP DesignJet 2000CP/2500CP printer
  • HP DesignJet 3000CP/3500CP printer
  • HP DesignJet Color Pro Series printer
  • HP DesignJet 1000 Series printer
  • HP DesignJet 800 Series printer
  • HP DesignJet 500 Series printer
  • HP DesignJet 5000 Series printer
ISSUE: Conditions under which the printers will not Hot I/O switch.
For the printers listed above to properly switch between ports, each file must be properly terminated. If the file is not properly terminated or contains characters after the termination character, the printer will hold that port until it receives a proper termination character. Once the printer knows that a file is finished (defined by the termination character for the language in which the file is), it starts scanning all the available incoming data ports for the next incoming data bit.