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HP PCs - Enable number lock using the on-screen keyboard (Windows 11, 10)

If your keyboard has an integrated numeric keypad, you can enable the numeric keypad to accept numeric data using the on-screen keyboard of your computer.


By default, the numeric keypad is on. If the numeric keypad is turned off, you can use the Windows on-screen keyboard to turn it back on.

Use the following steps to enable number lock with the on-screen keyboard.

  1. In Windows, search for and open On-Screen Keyboard.

    The On-Screen Keyboard is displayed.

  2. Click Options.

    On-screen keyboard with Options selected
  3. In the Options window, select the Turn on numeric keypad check box, and then click OK.

    Selecting Turn on numeric key pad
  4. The On-Screen Keyboard now displays a numeric keypad. Click NumLock to enable the numeric keypad.

    On-screen keyboard with NumLock selected