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HP PCs - BitLocker encryption is enabled by default (Windows 10)

By default, BitLocker encryption is enabled on computers that support Modern Standby, regardless of the Windows 10 version (Home, Pro, and so on) installed.

It is vital that you back up your BitLocker recovery key, and that you know how to retrieve or access the key. Do not rely on keeping the key solely on the computer.


The BitLocker recovery key is needed to perform updates that affect the TPM data, including BIOS updates.

To determine your drives or devices are encrypted, and to learn how to save and retrieve your BitLocker key, go to HP PCs - Using BitLocker and finding the recovery key (Windows 11, 10).


If you cannot find your BitLocker recovery key when needed, you can lose access to data on encrypted drives.

To learn about Modern Standby, go to What is Modern Standby (in English).