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HP PCs - Using HP Palette

HP Palette is an app that provides special photo search tools and links to other creative apps.

HP Palette has built-in facial recognition called Photo Match that allows you to search for matching faces in photos stored on your PC. HP Palette also lets you search for similar photos.

HP Palette links to other creative apps that increase your productivity.

  • HP QuickDrop lets you quickly send files between your phone and device wirelessly with instant pairing and ultra-fast transfer speed.

  • Duet Display lets you use any other device (iOS, Android, Chrome, or Mac) as a second display for your HP device, expanding the amount of screen for you to use.

  • Concepts lets you sketch and draw digitally on your HP device. You can brainstorm or easily draw on either a blank canvas or over an existing image.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to a special offer only for HP customers for the apps for the Adobe Creative Cloud. This subscription is sold separately.

  • Dropbox gives you access to a special offer only for HP customers for Dropbox storage on the cloud. This subscription is sold separately.

Get started with HP Palette

HP Palette is preinstalled on select computers with the Windows 11 or Windows 10 operating system.

You can use the sample photos in the Pictures folder on your computer to start exploring the app. When you add your own photos to the Pictures folder or to any subfolders in the Pictures folder, you can use the Photo Match feature to search for photos.

Home page view of HP Palette

How does Photo Match work?

Photo Match uses advanced facial recognition to find matching faces in photos on your device.

Photo Match searches photos locally on your device, which means that your photos are not shared to the cloud and your photos and data remain private. The Search function also does not use an internet connection.

Photo Match searches in the Pictures folder and all other subfolders that you add to the Pictures folder. Photo Match searches only photos that contain a face.

Search photos using Photo Match

You can use Photo Match to search photos on your device and match faces.


Photo Match searches only the Pictures folder and all subfolders for matching faces.

  1. Search for and open HP Palette.

  2. To find a photo to use for your search, you can sort your photos in My Gallery using one of the following options:

    • Most Recent - Oldest: Sorts photos from the latest date to the earliest date.

    • Oldest - Most Recent: Sorts photos from earliest date to the latest date.

    • Largest - Smallest: Sorts photos from the largest file size to the smallest file size.

    • Smallest - Largest: Sorts photos from the smallest file size to the largest file size.

    • Name A - Z: Sorts photos alphabetically by file name from A to Z.

    • Name Z - A: Sorts photos alphabetically by file name from Z to A.

  3. To start a search, you can do one of the following:

    1. Click a photo in My Gallery, and then click Search to begin a search.

    2. Drag and drop a photo from the My Gallery to the Drag & Drop box in the upper-left corner.

    3. Drag and drop a photo from the Pictures folder or any subfolder to the Drag & Drop box in the upper-left corner.

    4. Click Browse in the upper left corner to browse for a photo on your device.

  4. On the Photo Match screen, select the faces that you want to search for, select a date range from the Date Range list, and then click Refine Search.

    HP Palette Search screen

    If no faces are detected in the photo, the Refine Search option is not active.

After Photo Match finds a match to a specified face in a photo, it adds all matching photos to Match Results. The search might take longer, depending on how many photos you have saved in your Pictures folder.

Add folders to Photo Match

Photo Match automatically detects and searches subfolders in the Pictures folder.

  1. Add a new subfolder to your Pictures folder.

  2. Add a photo to the new subfolder.

The new photo is displayed in My Gallery. Additional searches for matching faces in photos include the new subfolder.


If you delete a subfolder from the Pictures folder, the photos from that folder are removed from My Gallery.

Troubleshooting Photo Match

Follow these suggestions to troubleshoot Photo Match issues.

If you do not see all of your photos in the Photo Match gallery, be sure that the following conditions are met:

  • Make sure that the photos are a supported file type (JPG, PNG, or TIFF).

  • Make sure that the photos are in your Pictures folder on your computer.

  • Make sure that the photo you are looking for contains a face.

Open apps from HP Palette

The My Apps section in HP Palette displays icons that you can click to open other apps from HP Palette.

My Apps icons



HP QuickDrop

HP QuickDrop icon

Duet Display

Duet Display icon


Concepts icon


Dropbox icon

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud icon

Concepts is currently supported only on phones or tablets with an iOS or Android operating system. The Concepts icon opens the app only on supported devices. If you click the Concepts icon from HP Palette on a computer, the Concepts website opens.

Share photos using HP QuickDrop

You can use HP QuickDrop to text or email your photos from your device to other devices.

  1. Search for and open HP Palette.

  2. Click the HP QuickDrop icon to open the app.

  3. In the Send To list, select the device to which you want to send your photos.

  4. On your device, open the HP QuickDrop app to establish the connection.

  5. From the HP QuickDrop screen, click one of the following icons to send photos or texts to your computer, review photos you have received, or update settings.

    • Click the Attach Files icon to send a photo from your computer to the connected device.

    • Click the New Message icon to send a text message from your computer to the connected device.

    • Click the Received Files icon to open the My Received Files folder containing photos that you have received from the connected device.

    • Click the Settings icon to update the settings. See HP QuickDrop settings for more information.

HP QuickDrop settings

The HP QuickDrop Settings screen displays information about devices, file storage, and items in your feed.

  • Manage devices: You can click Unpair next to the name of the connected device to remove the connection. Also, you can click Add new device to connect a device. Download HP QuickDrop on the device, and then scan the displayed QR code.

  • Sound notifications: Use the Sound notifications toggle to turn the notification sound on or off.

  • Clear all items from feed: Click Clear to remove all items that are currently in your feed. Items that are saved locally on your device are not deleted.

  • File storage: Click Change to change the folder where files are saved when they are sent to your device.

  • Change your Privacy Settings: Click Change your Privacy Settings to allow HP to use analytics to collect data. You can also click Don't Allow to prevent data collection.

  • Privacy Policy: Click Privacy Policy to open HP Privacy Central, where you can review the HP Privacy Statement.

  • End User License Agreement: Click End User License Agreement to review the license agreement.

  • Learn More About HP QuickDrop: Click Learn More About HP QuickDrop to learn more about pairing your device to your computer.






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