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Replace the imaging drum on an HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130-M132, M227 printer

Replace the imaging drum when prompted by messages on the printer control panel or printer software, when it is damaged, or when print quality is unacceptable.

Replace the imaging drum when you see one or more of these indications.

  • The Attention light blinks, the Toner light is on, and Er and 09 alternate on the printer control panel.

  • An Imaging Drum Low or Imaging Drum Very Low message displays on the printer control panel.

  • Printouts have repeated defects at 26 mm (1 in) intervals, 94 mm (3.7 in) intervals, or both.

Replacement imaging drum part number: CF232A or CF219A

Purchase an imaging drum

Purchase an imaging drum from a local retailer or from the HP website.

  1. Go to HP Store (in English).

  2. Select your country/region.

  3. Click Ink & toner at the top of the page.

  4. Follow the instructions to order an imaging drum for your printer model.

Replace the imaging drum

Remove the toner cartridge and imaging drum, and then replace the drum.

  1. Lift the scanner assembly, and then open the top cover to access the inside of the printer.

    Lifting the scanner assembly, and then opening the top cover
  2. Remove the toner cartridge.

    Removing the toner cartridge
  3. Remove the imaging drum, and then recycle it.

    Removing the imaging drum
  4. Remove the new imaging drum from its package.


    Do not touch the green roller on the imaging drum. Fingerprints on the roller can result in poor print quality.

    Do not touch the green roller on the imaging drum
  5. Align the new imaging drum with the tracks inside the printer, and then push the imaging drum until it snaps into place.

    Inserting the new imaging drum
  6. Reinstall the toner cartridge.

    Reinserting the toner cartridge
  7. Close the top cover, and then lower the scanner assembly.