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Replace the printhead in HP Photosmart 7520 printers

Replace a damaged printhead assembly in HP Photosmart 7520 and 7525 e-All-in-One printers.

Replacement printhead: CN642A

Purchase a printhead

Purchase a printhead from an authorized service provider or from the HP website.

  1. Go to the HP Parts Store (in English).

  2. Select your country/region at the top of the webpage.

  3. Enter the part number into the Find your part field.

  4. Follow the instructions to order the printhead.

Replacing the printhead

Replace the printhead to resolve print quality problems that do not go away after replacing ink cartridges.

  1. With the printer on, open the ink cartridge access door, and then wait until the carriage stops.

    Opening the ink cartridge access door
  2. Remove each ink cartridge by pressing the front tab, and then lifting the cartridge.

    Pressing the front tab, and then pull up to remove the ink cartridge
  3. Lift the carriage latch handle to unlock the printhead.

    Lifting the carriage latch handle
  4. Grasp the sides of the printhead, and then lift up to remove it.


    To avoid ink stains, do not touch the bottom of the printhead.

    Removing the printhead
  5. Place the printhead on a sheet of paper, and then set aside.

  6. Using the pre-moistened wipes that came with the replacement printhead, clean the electrical contacts inside the carriage from top to bottom, wiping in the down direction only.


    Do not wipe up or side to side. This can damage the electrical contacts.

    Cleaning the electrical contacts inside the printer
  7. Remove the replacement printhead from the packaging.


    Do not touch the electrical contacts or nozzles to avoid damaging them.

    Do not touch the electrical contacts or nozzles on the printhead
  8. With the electrical contacts facing the rear of the printer, insert the printhead into the carriage.

    Inserting the printhead into the carriage
  9. Close the carriage latch.

    Lowering the latch handle on the carriage
  10. Install the new cartridges that came with the replacement printhead, and then close the ink cartridge access door.


    Do not reuse the ink cartridges from the previous printhead. Old cartridges can damage the new printhead.

  11. If prompted to align the cartridges, select OK on the printer control panel.

    The printhead is installed, and the printer is ready for printing.

Return the original printhead to HP

Follow any instructions provided with the replacement printhead to return the failed parts to HP.


If you do not have return instructions, recycle the old printhead and ink cartridges. Go to HP Product return and recycling (in English) for more information.

  1. Place the printhead in the same package the replacement came in.

    Placing the old printhead in the package
  2. Peel off the packaging lid sticker labeled B, and then place it on top to seal the package.

    Peeling the package lid sticker and sealing the package
  3. Install the orange twist caps you removed from the new cartridges onto the old ink cartridges.

  4. Place the old printhead, ink cartridges, and form that came with the replacement printhead into the box, as well as the printout sample that shows the print quality issue.

    Placing the old parts, form, and print sample into the bag
  5. Close and seal the box, apply the post-paid mailing label to the outside, and then mail the box back to HP.

    Closing and sealing the box, and then apply the post-paid mailing label to return to HP