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HP Printers - Print Anywhere with the HP Smart App

This document is for HP wireless printers and devices with the HP Smart app.
Print Anywhere is a feature of the HP Smart app. It lets you use your Android or iOS mobile device, or Windows 10 or macOS computer to check printer status and send print jobs when you are away from your printer. If you have an HP+ printer, you can send print jobs for Private Pickup that begins when you confirm you are at the printer.
Print Anywhere is available for HP+ and select models of HP printers. You can check if your printer is compatible with Print Anywhere from the HP Smart app.

Step 1: Install HP Smart

See if your printer is compatible with Print Anywhere from the HP Smart app.
  1. Download and install HP Smart from 123.hp.com.
  2. Use Add Printer from the HP Smart app home screen to add your printer.
  3. From the HP Smart app home screen, click your printer to open the printer information page.
  4. If Print Anywhere or Enable Print Anywhere displays under Options, Settings, or Services, it is supported.
    Example of Print Anywhere compatibility in the HP Smart app
    Example of a printer that supports Print Anywhere

Step 2: Enable Print Anywhere

If Print Anywhere is already enabled, skip to Use Print Anywhere.
Enable Print Anywhere from the HP Smart app. Read the section that matches your operating system.
Print Anywhere is automatically enabled on all HP+ printers or any other HP printer with print plans.

Step 3: Use Print Anywhere

Print remotely, check printer status, and make copies using your device camera when remotely connected with Print Anywhere. Use Print Anywhere features when you are away from your printer and your device is on a cellular connection or on a different wireless network. Some app features and printer settings are not available with Print Anywhere connections. Remote printer is shown in HP Smart with a green cloud icon .
Example of printer status in HP Smart
  • Print: Select the Print Documents or Print Photos tiles from HP Smart to print documents and photos. For Android and Windows 10 devices, print remotely from any app that provides a Print option on its menu. When printing from an app, the remote printer shows the printer email address.
  • Copy (Android/iOS only): Select the Copy tile to quickly copy, edit, and print a document or photo with your mobile device camera or web camera. Copies are not saved. This feature is only available on select printers.
  • Check printer status: Check ink cartridge levels, check your Instant Ink account, order ink cartridges, printer status, and more.
For more information, go to:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Review these frequently asked questions about Print Anywhere.






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