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Samsung Printers - Host Application: Easy Document Creator

  • Provides easier Scan and Send functionality for Home/SOHO users with intuitive menus, wizard-based workflow, and MS Office integration.
      Figure : Functionality
    1. Edit and save as various file formats (including PDF and EPUB)
    2. Easy share
    3. Fax sending
    1. Figure : Scan
    2. Switch to home-page
    3. Editing menu
    4. Add and change printer
    5. Execute scanning
    6. Configure scanning options
  • Easily share the scanned or imported images to various destinations including SNS channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
    Figure : Easy share
  • Save as various file formats including PDF and EPUB (e-book).
    Figure : File formats
    The Save menu will be available with the Send to My PC.
  • Fax Sending using the Network PC Fax module; only for fax enabled printers.
      Figure : Fax sending
    1. Fax sending results check (from the fax transmission history).
    1. Figure : Microsoft Office integration
    2. Scan and insert images into documents immediately.
    3. Fax an opened document directly.