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Samsung Laser Printers - How to Install a Printer Driver for macOS X

The Samsung Printer Software Installer is a web-based installer that will download and install the printer drivers and software required for Samsung printers.
If you have not installed the print driver yet, go to Software and Driver Downloads and enter your model printer into the search text box to download the latest driver.
To install the Print Driver, use these steps.
  1. In Downloads, open the Mac_Installer folder.
  2. Open the Mac_Printer Folder and run the Printer Driver Package Installer.
    Figure : Example of Printer Driver Package Installer
    Image shows Printer Driver Package Installer
    You might receive one of the following notifications:
    • If you receive a notification to Authenticate, enter the password, and then click OK, to continue.
    • If you receive a notification to Authenticate, and you do not know the password, contact your system administrator for assistance.
  3. Click Continue to start the installation program.
    Figure : Example of clicking Continue on the installation
    Image shows starting the installation window
  4. Click Install.
    Figure : Example of clicking the install
    Image shows clicking the install to start the lnstallation
  5. Enter your password if prompted to start installation.
    Figure : Example shows entering password to start installation
    Image shows entering password to install software
  6. Click Add Printer to add the printer or Continue to add printer in Printers & Scanners later.
    Figure : Example of setup screen
    Image shows the Add Printer
  7. If selecting Add Printer in above step, select the printer and the driver type in the dropdown list, and then click Add.
    Figure : Example of selecting Add Printer
    Image shows selecting the Printer and driver type
  8. Click Close to finish.
    Figure : Example of installation successfully completed
    Image shows installation complete
  9. To verify if the installation was successful, go to System Preferences.
    Figure : Example shows opening System Preferences
    Image shows opening System Preferences
  10. Click Printers & Scanners.
    Figure : Example of Systems Preferences and Printers & Scanners
    Image shows clicking the Printers & Scanners in System Preferences
  11. The desired printer displays in the Printers list.
    Figure : Example of Printers list in Print & Scan
    Image shows Printers & Scanners dialog box with Printers list