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HP Designjet 111 Printer Series - Print-quality issues

The print quality is not what you expect

  1. Check the print-quality setting that you selected for this print job in the printer software. While the Draft setting prints faster and uses less ink, it may cause text to appear faded or colors to appear dull. Try Normal or Best print quality instead.
  2. Check the paper type setting. When printing on transparencies or other special paper types, select the corresponding paper type in the HP Print Settings dialog box.
  3. For large sheets of paper (C- or D-size), make sure that the output (front path) extensions are extended. If they aren't, the paper may hang over the edge of the tray and banding may result.
  4. To clean the printhead, use the HP System Maintenance Utility, and select Clean Printhead.
    This is only recommended if you are experiencing problems with print quality such as banding.
Before cleaning the printheads, first check the maximum recovery level already performed on the printheads. If hard level (Recovery Level 3) has already been performed, then do not try performing hard level again. The Maximum Recovery Level can be seen on the Printer Information page in the "Printhead History" section.

Starwheel marks are visible on the paper

Because of the coating used on HP Premium Photo Glossy Paper, starwheel marks may be visible on the coating, depending on the color and amount of ink used.
You are recommended to use this paper only when you need 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution. For premium presentation proofs, use HP Proofing Gloss Paper.

The image seems scrambled

  1. Check that all required cables are securely connected to the printer. If you are using a parallel cable, check that it is also firmly connected to the computer and is IEEE 1284 compatible.
  2. Check that the printer is selected as the current or default printer.
  3. Your document may be corrupted. Try printing another file from the same software application.
  4. If you are using the printer's parallel port, disable bidirectional communication or stop sharing the printer port with another device. There may be a conflict between the printer and other devices that share the port.

The page printed is wholly or partially blank

  1. Check that all required cables are securely connected to the printer.
  2. If you are using a parallel cable, check that it is IEEE 1284 compatible.
    You are recommended to use a USB connection rather than a parallel connection if feasible.
  3. New printheads are shipped with a protective tape that covers the nozzles. Make sure that the protective tape covering each printhead is removed.
  4. Check that the printer is selected as the current or default printer.

Text or graphics are truncated

  1. The print preview from your HP Designjet software will tell you whether the configuration is correct: check the margins, the page size, the page orientation, and the scale factor.
  2. If the text or graphics are cut off at the edges of the page, make sure the margin settings for the document do not exceed the printable area of your printer. See Printer minimum marginsPrinter minimum margins.
  3. The page orientation that you have selected may not be correct for the document you are printing. Check your print settings and try printing again.

Parts of the image are missing or misplaced

Check that the following settings are correctly set in the printer driver.
  • The page size or paper size
  • Scaling (the printed image should fit on the paper)
  • Orientation

The printer seems to disregard the print settings

Some software applications allow you to set certain print settings, such as the print order. These print settings may differ from those specified in the printer driver.
Ensure that the print settings in the application match the settings in the driver.






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