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HP Designjet T1120 MFP Product Series - System Setup and Options

The system supports the following Basic and Advanced setup options.
Figure : Basic Options dialog
Set date and time
Local date and time parameters are entered through the configuration program that is run the first time the system is turned on. If needed you can change the local date and time settings through the Options menu.
Press Options > Basic Options > Date & Time.
Enter the correct local date and time values and time zone. The date and time settings will be used with various program action
Units of measure
Press Options > Basic Options > Units of measure
Select the preferred units (inch, mm, cm...) to use when defining document sizes.
Paper series preference
Press Options > Basic Options
Select/tick the Paper series fields that represent the paper series' you wish displayed in the size dialogs (Scan Area and Resize). You can select one or more Paper series' to display.
Rewind after scan
Press Options > Basic Options
Select/tick the Rewind after scan option if you want the document to return to the feeding tray after it is scanned so you can eject it backwards by pressing the eject backwards button on the scanner’s panel.
Leave the option unselected if you wish the document to hang at the scanner’s back so you can eject towards the back with the paper forwards button.
Auto Reset and Inactivity timeout
Press Options > Basic Options
These two options are for telling the system to automatically return to default parameters after a defined idle period so users will always start with the system’s basic settings even if a previous user has changed them. The system returns to the “saved” system parameters, i.e., those set when the Options > Advanced > Save Settings button was last pressed (see below).
Select/tick the Auto Reset option if you want to apply the function. Set the Inactivity Timeout setting to determine the idle time before Auto Reset is triggered. The default Inactivity Timeout setting is 5 minutes.
New destinations and media profiles are not affected or lost when Auto Reset is applied.
Set Password to Advanced options
Press Options > Advanced > Set Password.
Figure : Advanced Options dialog
To apply password protected access to the Options > Advanced Options dialog.
Network settings
Network parameters are entered through the configuration program that is run the first time the system is turned on. If the system is moved or the network parameters have changed, new network settings can be entered through the Options menu.
Press Options > Advanced Options > Network.
Select the Auto IP address if you know that your network has a DHCP server and thus your system can automatically retrieve its network connection parameters. Otherwise, enter the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway manually.
Save settings
Press Options > Advanced > Save Settings.
This will save the current settings as the new system default settings.
The saved settings will be reapplied when Options > Basic Options > Auto Reset is triggered (see above).
Reset your settings to the Factory Defaults
Press Options > Advanced > Factory Default.
This will restore all settings to their factory defaults. The standard Original Types that came with the program are restored to their original settings. Resetting to factory defaults is an administrator function and may require a password.
Manage Destinations, Calibrate Screen and Software Update are described elsewhere in this help system. Service is an option for service technicians and not within the scope of this help system.






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