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HP Notebook PCs - Using Email and Instant Messaging with the Mobile Internet Experience

This document pertains to HP Mini models with the Mobile Internet Experience.
The Mail section of the Home Screen makes it easy to view your recent email, check for new email, and configure your email account. When you set up your email, you can use an existing email account. You can also import preferences, account settings, address books, and other data from an existing email account.
The mail application uses the left third of the screen. If your preferred service provider does not offer a POP service, that portion of the screen cannot be used for any other applications.
You must set up your email account before you can send and receive email. Before you set up your email account, you need to know the user name, password, and the names of the POP and SMTP servers.
Your email service must provide a POP service for mail delivery and an SMTP service for outgoing mail. To find out if your email service has a POP service, go to the site and search for "enable POP server". Some web email providers have a POP server at their site.
The following sites offer an email service:
  • Yahoo - offers a POP service
  • Gmail - offers a POP service
  • MSN/Hotmail - does not offer a POP service

Setting up an email account

In order to send and receive email, you must set up your email account. The Thunderbird Account wizard collects the information necessary to set up your account. With the Thunderbird Account Wizard, you can set up the following types of accounts:
  • Email
  • RSS feeds and blogs
  • Unix Mailspool (Moviemail)
  • Gmail
  • Newsgroups
For additional information about Mozilla Thunderbird, refer to the Mozilla Thunderbird software Help.
To set up your email account, follow these steps:
  1. In the Mail section of the Home Screen, click Click here to set up your email. The Mail Setup window opens.
  2. Click Thunderbird Account Settings. The New Account Setup wizard opens.
  3. Click Email account and then click Next.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your email.

Checking for new email

To check for new email, click the Mail icon in the Mail section of the Home Screen to open Thunderbird. After you check for new email, your new messages will appear in the Mail section of the Home Screen.

Viewing email

To view email messages, click the message you want to open in the Mail section of the Home Screen. Thunderbird opens, and your message is displayed. If multiple email accounts are set up, the global inbox is used. Mail from all email accounts is displayed in the Mail section.

Instant messaging

Pidgin is an instant messaging (IM) program that allows you to chat across multiple instant messaging programs simultaneously.
To create instant messages, you must have an Internet connection. Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client. Pidgin includes support for AIM, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, IRC, and other IM services. Pidgin can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously. Pidgin supports many features of the various networks, such as file transfer, away messages, and typing notification. Pidgin runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, and other Unix platforms. For additional information about Pidgin, go to http://www.pidgin.im.
  1. Click Start New Program, Internet, and then click Pidgin.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable your Pidgin account and start creating instant messages.

Proxy settings

Setting up Pidgin gives you the option of using Gnome Proxy Settings. To adjust proxy settings, click Tools, Preferences, Network, and then click Configure Proxy.

Mail widget

Mail Widget is a placeholder that indicates when there are new messages in the mailbox. You can configure multiple email account(s) using the Thunderbird email client. When you click any of the email messages, it will go directly to Thunderbird. Using the Thunderbird application, you can configure RSS feeds, blogs, gmail accounts (IMAP- and POP-) enabled, and Newsgroup accounts.

When I click on email messages in the Mail Widget, it doesn’t go to an inbox

This is the intended behavior—by default, it will take you to the Thunderbird email client application. The Mail Widget only indicates a new email message. It does not display the actual emails.

There is no subtle difference between unread/read emails for different accounts in the Mail Widget

This is the intended behavior; by default, you will notice only a very small visual difference between read and unread emails.






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