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HP Designjet T1100 Printer Series - The Image is Clipped

Clipping normally indicates a discrepancy between the actual printable area on the loaded paper and the printable area as understood by your software. You can often identify this kind of problem before printing by previewing your print.
  • Check the actual printable area for the paper size you have loaded.
    printable area = paper size – margins
  • Check what your software understands to be the printable area (which it may call 'printing area' or 'imageable area'). For example, some software applications assume standard printable areas that are larger than those used in this printer.
  • If you have defined a custom page size with very narrow margins, the printer may impose its own minimal margins, clipping your image slightly. You may want to consider using a larger paper size, or borderless printing.
  • If your image contains its own margins, you may be able to print it successfully by using the Clip Contents by Margins option.
  • If you are trying to print a very long image on a roll, check that your software is capable of printing an image of that size.
  • You may have asked to rotate the page from portrait to landscape on a paper size that is not wide enough.
  • If necessary, reduce the size of the image or document in your software application, so it fits between the margins.
There is another possible explanation for a clipped image. Some applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW, use an internal 16-bit coordinate system which means that they cannot handle an image of more than 32,768 pixels. If you try to print an image larger than this from these applications, the bottom of the image will be clipped. In this case, the only way to print the whole image is to reduce the resolution so that the whole image requires fewer than 32,768 pixels. The PCL and HP-GL/2 drivers for Windows include an option called 16-bit App. Compatibility, which can be used to reduce the resolution of such images automatically. You can find this option in the Advanced tab, under Document Options, Printer Features.