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HP Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer Series - Remove an ink cartridge

There are three occasions when you need to remove an ink cartridge.
  • The ink level in the cartridge is very low and you want to replace it with a full cartridge for unattended printing (you can use up the remaining ink in the first cartridge at a more convenient time).
  • The ink cartridge is empty or faulty, and you must replace it to continue printing.
  • The ink cartridge has expired.
Do not try to remove an ink cartridge while printing.
Remove an ink cartridge only if you are ready to insert another one.
Make sure the printer wheels are locked (the brake lever is pressed down) to prevent the printer from moving.
Follow the steps given below to remove an ink cartridge:
  1. Press the Menu key to return to the main menu and select the (Ink menu) icon, then Replace ink cartridges.
    Figure : Replace ink cartridges
  2. Open the ink cartridge cover completely. Magenta and yellow are in the left side, while light magenta, light cyan, photo black, light gray, matte black, and cyan are in the right side.
    Figure : Opening the cartridge cover
  3. Grip the cartridge you wish to remove.
  4. Pull the cartridge straight up.
    Figure : Removing an ink cartridge
    Avoid touching the end of the cartridge that is inserted into the printer, as there may be ink on the connection.
    Avoid storing partially used ink cartridges.
    Figure : Ink cartridge removed
  5. The front-panel display identifies the missing ink cartridge.