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HP Designjet 10000s Printer Series - Using Non-HP Inks

To keep the printer at optimal performance, it is recommended to replace an empty ink cartridge with a new HP ink cartridge. However, it is possible to use refilled or non-HP ink cartridges, but either choice has several serious disadvantages:
  • There is some risk of damaging the printer. In this case the printer warranty will not be valid for any printer repairs that are related to the cartridge, nor for any problems due to ink contamination.
  • If a non-original HP consumable or refilled ink cartridge is used, the whole ink system (including ink tubes) need to be cleaned, otherwise if printer failure or damage is attributable to the use of a non-original HP consumable or refilled ink cartridge, HP will charge its standard time and materials charges to service the printer for the particular failure or damage.
  • Print quality may be impaired.
  • The printer will be unable to estimate the ink level in the cartridge, and will report it as empty.
If you decide to use refilled cartridges, you will need to follow these instructions to make the printer use a cartridge that it believes to be empty.
  1. Install the cartridge in the printer (Refer to Replace an ink cartridge).
  2. The printer will see that the cartridge is empty and ask to replace it.
    The following front panel message is displayed: OPEN L INKCOVER REPLACE XX INK (XX: Ink name (K: Black, Lm: Light magenta, Lc: Light cyan)), and OPEN R INKCOVER REPLACE XX INK (XX: Ink name (C: Cyan M: Magenta Y: Yellow)).
  3. Press the Down arrow key and the Cancel keys at the same time, and hold them down for at least two seconds.
  4. The front panel will display a series of warning messages. In response to each message, press the Cancel key to cancel the process, or the OK key to confirm that you wish to continue.
    Only press the OK key in the next steps if you have read and fully understood how using non-HP ink will affect your warranty.
  5. Press the Cancel key to cancel the process, or the OK key to confirm.
  6. Select CONFIRM NON-HP using the Up or Down arrow keys, and press the Shift and OK keys simultaneously to accept and end the process. Then the cartridge will be accepted, but information about the ink level will not be available.
    Figure : Confirming non-HP cartridges
If you insert a new non-HP cartridge, the same process above will be entered automatically. You do not need to press the Down arrow key and Cancel keys.