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HP Photosmart Printers - Loading Envelopes


This document includes information about loading a single envelope into various HP Photosmart printers, how to feed multiple envelopes through the printer, and provides suggestions on how to avoid paper jams while printing on envelopes.

Loading a single envelope

HP Photosmart 7260, 7450, 7660, 7755, 7760, 7850, 7960, and D5060 printers

Use the instructions below for the HP Photosmart 7260, 7450, 7660, 7755, 7760, 7850, 7960, and D5060 printers.
  1. Lift the lid of the printer.
  2. Lift up the out tray.
  3. Remove all paper from the in tray.
  4. Place the envelope in the upper right corner of the in tray.
    Figure : Loading an envelope
  5. Adjust the paper guides to hold the envelope in place.
  6. Lower the out tray.
  7. Lower the printer's lid.
  8. The printer is now ready to print envelopes.

HP Photosmart 8150 and 8450

For the HP Photosmart 8150 and 8450 printers, use the method below to print a single envelope or several envelopes.
  1. If engaged, disengage the 4 x 6 photo tray by pulling the photo tray lever away from the printer.
  2. Remove the paper out tray. To remove the out tray, follow the instructions below.
    1. Locate the out tray release buttons on each side of the out tray.
    2. Press in on both release buttons.
    3. Pull the paper tray straight out of the printer.
      Figure : Removing the out tray
  3. Remove all paper from the in tray.
  4. Insert envelopes with the flap on the left side and facing up.
      Figure : The HP Photosmart 8450 printer with envelopes loaded
    1. Paper length guide
    2. Paper width guide
  5. Adjust both paper guides to hold the paper firmly.
  6. Reinstall the paper out tray.
  7. The printer is now ready to print envelopes.

Feeding multiple envelopes from the Main Tray

For the 7260, 7450, 8150, and 8450 follow the instructions in the section titled "Feeding a single envelope" above.
  1. Lift up the tray cover.
  2. Remove all paper from the input tray.
  3. Insert envelopes with the flap on the left-side and facing up. For best results, place up to 10 envelopes in the tray at one time.
  4. Slide the envelopes forward until they make contact with the front of the tray.
  5. Push the purple width adjuster against the edge of the envelopes. It should rest against the envelopes, but not be so tight that it causes the envelopes to bind or bend.
  6. Push the purple and gray back edge adjuster sideways until it rests against the edge of the envelopes.
  7. Make one last check to ensure the envelopes are straight and resting against the right-edge of the tray.

Minimizing envelope jams

  • When inserting the envelope, try reversing the flap orientation from that shown on the print tray icon as noted above.
  • Tuck the flap of the envelope in to prevent paper jamming.
  • Alternatively, cup the end of the envelope in the hand and insert the envelope into the envelope slot, corner first, with the trailing end held slightly to the left. After the envelope corner passes into the slot approximately one to two inches, move the trailing end to the right until the envelope is perpendicular to the printer.
    Some envelope printing software applications require the envelope to be inserted with the flap orientation opposite of that shown on the input tray of the printer. Insert the envelope as necessary to get the best results from the application being used.






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