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HP Designjet 50ps Printer - Mac OS: Adding Device Capability.cfg to Job Stream

  1. Open the Web UI by launching a supported Web browser and entering http:// (ip address of the server):8080 as the URL or address. Log in as appropriate.
    Figure : Export of Device Capabilities
  2. Click Export of Device Capabilities.
  3. Click Save File As…
    Figure : File Type
  4. Select a location for the devicecapabilities.cfg file (ie. the Desktop) and click Save.
    Figure : Saving Devicecapabilities.cfg
  5. Click File then Print in your application, click General and select HP Jobstream.
    Figure : HP Jobstream
  6. Click EnableJobstream.
    Figure : Enable Jobstream
  7. Click the Print Options tab and click Update.
    Figure : Updating Jobstream
  8. Browse to the file devicecapabilities.cfg saved in step 4 and click Open. Once the file has been imported, a date stamp will appear.
    Figure : Open devicecapabilities
  9. Select Enable Print Options by checking it.
    Figure : Enable Print Options
  10. Click Setup to access and change settings. Changes here will override the settings of the virtual printer.
Figure : Setup Settings