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HP Designjet 2800CP/3800CP - Setting up the Fiery X2-CP RIP

Fiery X2-CP front and back panels

After you have unpacked the Fiery X2-CP, familiarize yourself with the front and back of the Fiery X2-CP before you install it.
Figure : Front panel
Figure : Back panel

To connect power and start the Fiery X2-CP

When you have just unpacked the Fiery X2-CP, power it on before you connect it to the printer and the network. Diagnostics are run automatically during startup.
  1. Connect the recessed end of the power cable to the power connector on the Fiery X2-CP back panel.
    • The Fiery X2-CP power cable is located in the accessory kit.
  2. Make sure that the Fiery X2-CP power switch is in the Off position (press the circle on the power switch), and plug the other end of the power cable into a grounded electrical outlet.
  3. Power on the Fiery X2-CP using the power switch on the back panel (press the straight line on the power switch). The power supply automatically senses the correct voltage.
  4. To confirm that the unit is operating normally, allow the Fiery X2-CP Start-up diagnostics to proceed without interruption while you watch the Control Panel. Do not press any buttons on the Control Panel when the message appears: “For software update or setup, press any key.”
    • The Control Panel first shows DIAGNOSTICS: with a graphic of a magnifying glass passing over a printed circuit board. The Fiery X2-CP is performing its Start-up diagnostics.
    • The activity light on the Control Panel remains green at the end of the tests.
    • If an error occurs during startup, the activity light flashes red and remains on at the end of the tests. The Control Panel then displays the Test Failed screen. Pressing the Details line selection button in the Test Failed screen gives you more information about the failing test.
  5. If the Select Language screen is displayed, select the language for the Control Panel.
    • The Select Language screen is displayed the first time you start the Fiery X2-CP after unpacking it and after system software is installed.
    • To select a language different from the one initially highlighted on the Control Panel, use the up and down button to scroll through the list and select OK when the desired language is highlighted. After the Fiery X2-CP reboots, messages in the language you selected will appear on the Control Panel.
  6. If the Setup screen is displayed, select Server, Network, Printer, then ExitSetup.
    • To exit Setup, you must first enter Server Setup, Network Setup, Printer Setup, and save changes. To skip through the Setup options, press the menu key to access the Save Changes screen and select Yes which configures each Setup with the default configuration. At this stage the default settings are adequate although they may not be optimal. After the Fiery X2-CP is connected to the network, users can reset options according to the network and user environment. For more information, see the Administrator Guide.
  7. Allow the system to proceed to Idle to confirm that the Fiery X2-CP is operating correctly.
    Once the Fiery X2-CP reaches Idle, you are ready to connect it to the printer and the network. Setup options should be configured after making these connections.

Connecting to the printer

After successfully starting the Fiery X2-CP by itself, you are ready to connect it to the printer. The Fiery X2-CP communicates with the printer through the printer interface cable supplied with the Fiery X2-CP. After you connect the Fiery X2-CP to the printer, print a Test Page to verify that they are communicating properly.

To connect the Fiery X2-CP to the printer:

  1. Power off the Fiery X2-CP.
    • Make sure the Info screen reads Idle before you power off the Fiery X2-CP. If the system has just finished processing, wait one minute before you power it off.
  2. If the printer is on, power it off.
  3. Locate the printer interface cable and connect the proper end of the cable to the parallel port on the printer.
  4. Connect the other end of the cable to the Fiery X2-CP printer interface port (click here to go to figure of back panel).

Printing the Fiery X2-CP Test Page

Before connecting the Fiery X2-CP to the network, print the Test Page to verify that it is connected properly to the printer. The Test Page is a color PostScript file that resides on the Fiery X2-CP hard disk drive.

To print the test page from the control panel

  1. Power on the printer and allow it to warm up to Ready state.
  2. Power on the Fiery X2-CP using the power switch on the back panel.
    • Messages will appear on the Control Panel as the Fiery X2-CP runs through its Start-up diagnostics.
  3. When the Info screen reads Idle, press the menu button.
    • The Functions menu displays the options Print Pages or Reboot Server.
  4. Press the line selection button to the right of Print Pages, and then select TestPage from the submenu.
  5. The Fiery X2-CP sends the Test Page to the printer and displays the RIP and Print status screens so you can monitor the job.
  6. Examine the quality of the Test Page from the printer.
    • If the Test Page prints successfully with good image quality, then the Fiery X2-CP print engine is functional and the connection between the Fiery X2-CP and the printer is good.

Connecting to the network

Ethernet support is built into the Fiery X2-CP motherboard, providing connectivity to Ethernet networks. Supported Ethernet cabling includes: thinnet, thicknet, and twisted pair for 10BaseT and/or 100BaseT.
Though the Fiery X2-CP motherboard has two Ethernet network ports, only oneEthernet connection can be made to the Fiery X2-CP at a time.
The network ports on the motherboard are:
  • AUI (Attachment Unit Interface) port for a thin Ethernet cable (thinnet) or a thick Ethernet cable (thicknet)
  • RJ-45 port for 10/100BaseT twisted pair. For network configuration information, see the Administrator Guide.

To connect a twisted pair cable to the Fiery X2-CP:

  1. Power off the Fiery X2-CP before connecting it to any network device.
    • Make sure that the Info screen reads Idle. If the system has just finished processing, wait one minute after the system reaches the idle state before you power off the unit.
  2. Connect the network cable to the RJ-45 port on the back of the Fiery X2-CP.
    • A Category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) network cable must be used for 100BaseT.
  3. Configure Setup options.
    • Default settings in Setup are adequate although they may not be optimal for your environment. Refer to the Administrator Guidefor Setup information.
  4. After configuring Setup options, verify the network connection.
    • Once the network connection has been made and the Fiery X2-CP has the correct Setup configuration and has reached the idle state, the Fiery X2-CP should be available on the network.
    • After you have verified the network connection, perform any additional network Setup, verify that the Fiery X2-CP appears in the list of printers, and print a few test documents from a networked computer that will use the Fiery X2-CP. (See the Administrator Guidefor more information.)






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