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HP Designjet 200/220/230/250C Printers - Cartridge and Error Lights Flashing

Why do the Cartridge and Error lights flash during the align cartridge routine?
The cartridge and error lights flashing together indicate that either the cartridge or carriage slot is faulty.
Remove all cartridges, insure that the protective tape was removed from all cartridges, check to see if the contacts are dirty on the carriage of the HP DesignJet printer or if the cartridges are dirty.
Use the following process to determine which cartridge or carriage slot is faulty:
  1. Remove all of the cartridges.
  2. Start with the black cartridge and begin to replace each cartridge one by one. (HP DesignJet 250C printer only)
    After inserting a cartridge pause a moment and make sure the cartridge light flashes. This indicates the cartridge has been accepted.
  3. If the cartridge is accepted, the cartridge light will flash 3 times. If the cartridge is not accepted, the light will not flash.
  4. If the cartridge light does not flash, replace the cartridge with a new one.
For the HP DesignJet 250C Printer
If a color cartridge is the problem, put one of the other color cartridges in the suspect slot to see if the problem follows the cartridge or follows the slot.
If the same cartridge fails in another color slot, the cartridge is faulty and must be replaced.
If the same cartridge works in another slot, clean the cartridge slot with a clean, dry cloth to ensure a proper electrical connection is being made.