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HP ScanJet - How to send to a destination


The Send To feature in the HP Scan software allows sending a scanned document to the following destinations:
  • Local or network folder
  • Email
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • FTP
  • SFTP

Send To dialog layout

The lower portion of the Destination tab is the Send To panel. The content and format of this panel is based upon the Send To destination selected. The panel contains both common and unique elements. The Configure button appears when the destination requires one-time setup or authentication. Configuration values that can be readily changed display in the area for destination-specific controls. Examples of these configuration values are path names and email targets.
Figure : Send To dialog layout
The Save a local copy check box and Setup Local Copy button display for all destinations except Local and Network. This feature allows an exact copy of the file that is sent to the primary destination to also be saved locally.
After selecting the Setup Local Copy button, the Configure Local Copy dialog displays. Select the local folder where the file should be copied. The filename is based upon the destination filename, following the same rules for adding file counters.
Selecting Show Save as dialog box displays a dialog box before the file is saved. This allows editing of the location or filename before the final save operation.
Use the following After saving the file(s) radio buttons to specify what happens after the file is saved:
  • Open the file
  • Launch Windows Explorer
  • Do Nothing
Figure : Configure local copy