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Samsung Laser Printers - Avoiding Paper Jams

By selecting the correct type of paper, most paper jams can be avoided. To avoid paper jams, follow these guidelines:
  • Make sure the adjustable guides are positioned correctly.
  • Do not overload the tray. Make sure the paper level is below the paper capacity mark on the inside of the tray.
  • Do not remove paper from the tray while the printer is printing.
  • Flex, fan, and straighten the paper before loading it into the printer.
  • Do not use creased, damp, or highly curled paper.
  • Do not mix different types of paper in a tray.
  • Use only the recommended print media.
  • Feed single paper from tray if there are multi-feeds or paper jams.
  • Do not use rough-edged paper.
  • Remove any substances, such as dust, pieces of paper, or tape, in the path in which paper is loaded or passes.