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Samsung Laser Printers - Troubleshooting mac network connection


There are various reasons when a printer is unable to connect to a network or when a computer does not list a printer over the network.
Use this document to troubleshoot network issues for a Samsung printer or a Multifunction printer connected to a Mac computer.

Basic troubleshooting checklist for wireless network connection

Make sure that the wireless set up connection meets the following requirements:
  • The printer and computer are connected to the same network.
  • The correct password is typed when prompted to enter your Network Security Key.
  • Position the router closer to the printer so that there is network connection (wireless signal) between the router or access point and the printer.
    Samsung printers only support a wireless router that has a frequency of 2.4ghz network signal.
    An IP address of indicates a printer is not connected to a network, or has lost connection to the network, or a network has no DHCP server. If this IP address was manually assigned to a printer, it might have no issues with a printer. Try using as an IP address.
If a WLAN Support Error displays, make sure that there is no print job in the print queue during the initial wireless network set up connection. Power on the printer, and then after a minute make sure, that the wireless signal is turned on.
Select one of the appropriate links to troubleshoot the following issues: