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HP Instant Ink - What Is HP Instant Ink?

This document is for those who are interested in becoming HP Instant Ink customers.
HP Instant Ink is an ink cartridge replacement service. To participate, enroll your HP Instant Ink eligible printer in an Instant Ink plan. The plan charges a fee based on the number of pages you print each month. The printer sends ink level information to HP, and when the printer runs low on ink, replacement ink cartridges are shipped to you. You do not need to purchase replacement ink cartridges from retail stores when you are enrolled in HP Instant Ink.

What do I need to enroll?

To enroll in HP Instant Ink, you need an eligible printer, an Internet connection, an email address, and a credit or debit card. Go to Enrolling in HP Instant Ink for more information.

Where is HP Instant Ink available?

Make sure your country/region supports HP Instant Ink. Go to HP Instant Ink, and then click on the country/region and language. In the drop-down menu, find your country/region and language.
If you do not find your country/region from the list, HP Instant Ink is not supported.

How much are the monthly fees?

HP Instant Ink offers multiple plans to choose from with monthly fees to fit any budget. Go to HP Instant Ink to see which plans are available. Your monthly fee pays for ink, shipping, and recycling*. The billing cycle begins on the day you insert your first HP Instant Ink cartridges in your enrolled printer. Your credit or debit card is billed 30 days after you insert your first HP Instant Ink cartridges. For example, if you insert HP Instant Ink cartridges on February 5, the billing cycle begins on February 5 and ends on March 4. The first credit or debit card charge is applied on March 5. The billing date cannot be changed, and the monthly fee is charged on the same day each month while you are enrolled.
Your card is charged even if you do not use any ink in a month, but the pages you do not print roll over to the next month, up to a maximum amount that depends on your plan.
*Cartridge recycling is not available in Italy or Portugal. Follow local regulations to dispose of cartridges responsibly.

How does printing affect the monthly charge?

HP Instant Ink plan fees are based on the number of pages that you print, not on how many ink cartridges you use. Review the following:
  • You do not have to print all your plan pages. However, you are still charged the same monthly fee.
    Any pages that were not printed during the last month can roll over to the next month up to a maximum amount that depends on your plan. Your rollover pages can never exceed this amount. In the following months, your plan pages are used first. When you print all your plan pages, your rollover pages become available so you can avoid additional charges to your account.
  • The page count is how many pages you print in a month. Page count is not affected by how much ink is used or the type of printout. Each paper printed on, regardless of paper type (document or photo paper), counts as one page. A double-sided page is considered two pages.
  • You can print more pages than your chosen plan total. After you print your plan pages and any rollover pages from the previous month, there is an additional fee for using additional pages. Any additional pages that were not printed roll over to the next month.
  • If you enroll more than one printer, each plan is billed separately. Pages cannot be shared among enrolled printers.
  • You can cancel or change plans at any time without penalty. HP Instant Ink cartridges do not work after the service has been canceled and the final billing cycle is complete.

How do I obtain replacement ink cartridges?

When you are enrolled in HP Instant Ink, you do not need to purchase replacement ink cartridges from retail stores. Review the following:
  • HP monitors the ink levels when your printer is connected to the Internet and Web Services is turned on.
  • Replacement ink cartridges are automatically shipped when your ink cartridges have enough ink to print twice the number of pages included in your monthly plan. You do not receive replacement ink cartridges every month, but they should arrive before you run out of ink.
  • Replacement ink cartridges can take up to 10 days to arrive, which should be sufficient for customers with regular usage.
  • HP Instant Ink cartridges are bigger and contain more ink than standard ink cartridges and last longer.
  • You can use HP compatible cartridges purchased from a store in your printer, instead of HP Instant Ink cartridges. But, unless you cancel your enrollment, you are still charged the monthly fee. If any of the ink cartridges installed in your enrolled printer are HP Instant Ink cartridges, then the pages you print are counted as plan, rollover, or additional pages.
  • HP Instant Ink cartridges can be used only in the printer that you have enrolled with the service.
  • HP Instant Ink cartridges cannot be purchased from retailers, or returned to retailers for loyalty rewards or other credits. They are available only through the HP Instant Ink service and are the property of HP. Use the postage-paid recycling materials provided to return used HP Instant Ink cartridges to HP*.
*Cartridge recycling is not available in Italy or Portugal. Follow local regulations to dispose of cartridges responsibly.

How is my personal information used?

When you enroll your printer with the HP Instant Ink service, you agree to allow HP to share your personal information with third parties HP engages for the purpose of providing the service. In addition, if you purchased an enrollment kit at a participating retailer, you agreed to allow HP to share your personal information (including your name, shipping address, city, state, zip code, email, printer model, ink cartridge type, date of service registration, and store where the service enrollment code was distributed) with the retailer for their loyalty and marketing programs. You can opt out of those loyalty and marketing programs at any time by contacting the retailer where you bought the enrollment kit.

Does HP monitor what I print?

HP only monitors printer usage, type of device used to send a print job (for example, PC, tablet, smartphone, and so forth), and the type of document (photo, PDF, Word doc) in order to give you a better customer experience. We do not monitor the content you print. For more information, go to HP Instant Ink Terms of Service, and then select your country/region, if necessary.

What are the Terms of Service?

For more detailed information about HP Instant Ink, go to HP Instant Ink Terms of Service.






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