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HP Scanjet Scanners - Pick Roller and Separation Pad Consumables Statement

The Pick Roller and Separation Pad mechanisms within all Scanjet flatbed scanners with Automatic Document Feeders (ADF) and Scanjet sheet-feed scanners will require replacement periodically to maintain proper paper pick and page separation functionality. These parts are considered consumables, and as such their wear and periodic replacement are not covered by HP Product Warranties. Only manufacturing defects of the Pick Rollers and Separation Pads are covered under warranty. The Pick Rollers and Separation Pads come in customer-purchasable kits.
You can purchase maintenance parts for your Scanjet scanner as follows:
  1. Visit the HP scanner parts Web site at
  2. Select your language, and then click the arrow.
  3. Use the Find your part(s) section to enter your Product number.
  4. Select the Replacement Units option under the Category Search field.
  5. Look under the Roller Kit category to find the options available to you.